Arsenal 2-2 Southampton | EMERY OUT TONIGHT!!! (DT)


Arsenal 2-2 Southampton | EMERY OUT TONIGHT!!! (DT)


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  1. The Crow says

    Robbie the best commentator in the UK he's just brilliant

  2. james lane says


  3. Jason j says

    Arsenal fans are an embarrassment to the club.

  4. Jason j says

    This DT guy is a total clown.
    He's a cretin who wanted Wenger out now he wants the next manager out. He thinks his club have a god given right to success. He's a total knobhead who needs his face punched in.

  5. Thomas H says

    That guy in the middle is staring into my soul.

  6. roouit patan says

    Arsenal fans: Nothing Every other PL clubs fans: “We’ve got our Arsenal back”

  7. sotuur aeei says

    Arsenal fans: Nothing Every other PL clubs fans: “We’ve got our Arsenal back”

  8. Richard Wood says

    These guys blame everyone else. Wenger out, board out, Emery out blah blah. When will they realise the problem is they are the worst fans in the league? Other teams win games because their fans support them when needed. These clowns just sit silently for 90mins and then whinge. Pathetic

  9. J Mc N says

    Arsenal fans sounding like MU fans since Fergie retired. Going to be many managers. They took Wenger for granted

  10. The guy in the middle face literally said 😐

  11. Captain Lion Aviation says

    I'm a Chelsea fan I just like watching upset arsenal fans

  12. Rotten to the Core! says

    Why's Arsenal TV reporting from Somalia? Looks like a 3rd world shithole!

  13. Celina Rodríguez says

    Lol. These same ppl said they’ll give emery 2-3 seasons max

  14. cato macro says

    Ha the biggest joke about this club is this bollox
    Everyone watches and laughs at it .
    But disappointed at the lack of the terms 'blud,fam ,u unsersand ,no woh a min ',on this interview though .

  15. seeriu ciihy says

    Ty: We can't beat the saints there good people!

  16. kelvin bailey says

    Why does this fella even support football anymore, seems to ruin his day when they lose 😂😂

  17. JV82 says

    Hood on cause he doesn't want his hat stolen again

  18. BOB OCHIENG says

    Mustafi should be seriously considered for the defensive midfielder position for Arsenal 1st team. I'm sure he can solve some of our defensive problems. Just my humble opinion.

  19. The Japanese Gladiator says

    I love watching Arsenal in pain

  20. Santiago Daniel wood says

    Robbie unai emery yes he has to go why i get he 5 Europe league five times but he diden proges in league when he wins trophies with others times i cousin that lives in telaviv has to wach Arsenal in mini teli como on and Arsenal is horendos im Arsenal and Everton nothingham forest and fullham fan marco silva out unai emery out and now Frankfurt with andrei silva x Sevilla an Millán yes he alot quality under Portugal he awsome Frankfurt he a good team but alot ultras that the bad part

  21. عبد الله جابي says

    yall need to be patient… at least until liverpool, spurs, city, man utd, wolves, and leicester win the league. CIAO.

  22. Frieza 223 says

    Leave Good Ebening alone😭

  23. Emily An says

    Missed a chance to but “Emery out this ebening” as the title

  24. mamay botak says

    No one can take DT's hat

  25. Teb Pixels says

    WTF is going on with the bloke whit the nose sticking into the frame from the right??👀

  26. Ptao Tom says

    DT would rather go to an Arsenal game than spend the day with his son on his birthday?

  27. Billy Kinsella says

    Auba doesn’t want to renew his contract and it’s ending at the end of the season looks like relegation to me

  28. Venkat Narayan says

    No one gives shout out to Bernd LENO. Without him we would be in relegation zone considering the amount of shots the other team takes

  29. The Big Quack says

    DT is literally suffering from PTSD after his hat got stolen

  30. dave kellser says

    Terrible channel ye must support to the end….

  31. Ben L says

    What do Arsenal fans honestly expect though. Some miraculous turn around, throw back to the 49 unbeaten game days…
    Perhaps Football has evolved around Arsenal. Times change. You have to compete for top four, like everybody else.

  32. Ben L says

    If his Kids happiness resides on Arsenal winning, then… all aboard depression for the lad.

  33. Rock girl says

    “How many managerial protests do you want?” AFTV – Yes

  34. S K says

    Clown fans and clown club…hahahaha except the guy speaking though he seems cool

  35. MAKAROV M says

    You are not a big club and never been.. its just because other clubs were under performing in the past.. so its very stupid to react very pissed like if you are a big football club.. bunch of african gays.

  36. AgiiTV says

    Plot twist: the kid in the middle of screen is his son

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