Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea | Top Four Done! We Must Focus On Europa League! (Willo)


Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea | Top Four Done! We Must Focus On Europa League! (Willo)


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  1. Jeron Boucher says

    Reeopa league

  2. Uchenna Nwankwo says

    Man keeps calling "Jorginho" like Georgina 🤣🤣

  3. Nate 1874 says

    Man said buy a Vauxhall loool I know Robbie was ready to end the interview

  4. Marcus Cooper says

    All the top 6 teams look down on the Europa and even this guy naively suggests they can just win it, but a team like Ajax would demolish Arsenal for fun.

  5. yafai29 says


  6. Ndarungitse Tresor says

    He kills me when he says rabbie 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. Mr Fish says

    Man said 'Otomancan'

  8. mv0921_ _ says

    This guy got cut real fast from player ratings lol

  9. Jam Jam Jam says

    Willow and the guy who threw his season tickets are new AFTV favourites!🔴⚪

  10. mickey morris says

    This guy in the red cap is a clown.

  11. K baker says

    4:02 Man said Ottoman Khan ffs 😆🤣🤣🤣

  12. Oli West says

    When you ask Robbie to interview different people and he hires Harvey Price's dad😂

  13. cpt waavy says

    Was lacazette really that poor tho?

  14. Gavin M says

    I agree with this guy…before we focus on rebuilding we need to make sure theres something to want the likes of auba and laca to want to stay….if we dont get in europe they are both 100% gone now i recon they are 60% gone already…we cant rebuild with no money and nothing to attract quality players…we have to focus on getting back in champions league…europa league is the only way we will do this

  15. JJ Ade says

    Right on point my man

  16. Tashreeq says

    Ottamankan is out there. Be careful guys.

  17. OR N says

    Dude Arsenal must focus on relegation with Westham and Watford. That’s the fact.

  18. Hezo Rex says

    Don't compare us to liverpool man. Klopp is the best thing liverpool have ever had. Klopp make liverpool to be like this. At the moment he is the best in the world. I always wanted klopp for arsenal. But Arsene Wenger overstayed and make us to lose klopp.

  19. aguirrre juanda says

    I was skeptical but guy had me at "beat Liverpool".

  20. Dee Naijaboi says

    Shandy dandy AKA Rabbie

  21. sebastian says

    This guy is muppet

  22. Joshua francis says


  23. Shut eeep! says

    Like this bruda.

  24. Ann-Marie Atkins says

    Fellow Gooners, I have been bantered by a Chelsea fan called @White Power saying that I should not comment on this channel because I am a woman. I told him by his own logic that he should not banter here and should go comment on his own channel. He then says “what channel?” and cusses me for saying these is a CHELSEA channel. So I sent him the link.
    Banter is banter and I love a good banter but ffs….😂😂😂

  25. William Baker says

    C'man Rabbie, Yardman is right. Go far Zakaria & Upamecano

  26. JOSHUA KAREO says

    Willo should have a show on AFTV …. Man kills me everytime! lol Arsenal though… bogus as it is!

  27. MARTINJW25 says

    Chelsea finished 3rd last Season, We didn't need the Europa as it was won already. Europa is a trophy you win once and that's it, Shitnal a small club though

  28. MARTINJW25 says

    Took Flopp 2-3 Seasons to rebuild. Not 5

  29. sean arya says

    this guy is clueless

  30. TheUltimatewomble says

    Who's rabbie?

  31. Night King says

    Who’s ottomancaan?

  32. Michael Coulston says

    Can work out if he’s saying Europa League


    Raper League 🤔

  33. L Baba A says

    He’s right fam

  34. Jon Carr says

    Make Arsenal Great Again!

  35. fubu b says


  36. TheRealLdn says

    NO CAP, the colour of the sky looks fire

  37. Jesus K says

    Why do they speak like this and think everyone will understand them?

  38. Ann-Marie Atkins says

    I’m amazed how many non Arsenal fans come onto this channel tbh. Even when we win. Your channels must be proper shit then

  39. Amir Khoeilar says

    Rabbie … re-bill … bill .. re-bill … Rabbie … ottoman khan !!! Hahah

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