Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea | Aubameyang & Torreira Worked Their Socks Off! (Troopz)


Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea | Aubameyang & Torreira Worked Their Socks Off! (Troopz)


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  1. Rotten to the Core! says

    Typical disgraceful representation of Arsenal… mongs!

  2. Paul Moss says

    You get me blood…get me fam…why do people actually talk like this

  3. idd eydarusi says

    Unai messed with the way he handled toreira,ozil and xhaka…period.arteta is doing the same but with pepe and willock

  4. yacoub mangassouba Dabo says

    You understand 😂😂

  5. McCauley Sandry says

    You ain’t a top 6 side blud

  6. KADIATU KAWA says

    I'm a United fan were going to win against you

  7. Freddy says

    City here – Troopz as usual spot on. Could and should have won.

  8. 69 Clan says

    Honestly if you man are saying Jorginho should have been sent off look at Geundouzi
    I feel bad for Arsenal but you guys are toxic

  9. Manchester United For life says

    Ya undastand

  10. Ben Jardine says

    FT Result: Yandastand 256 – 34 Yigetme

  11. Master Shred says

    Your not top six anymore.

  12. J1 • says

    I pray arsenal get relegated, would make my 2019 and 2020 complete

  13. Sultan A says

    One thing I'd like to know is…who's beating up on Troopz…man!! Those bags and black eyes!!

  14. James Walker says

    Come on Chelsea there is only 1 team in London

  15. Charlie Edwards says

    Top 6 lool 😂😂😂

  16. Trevor Lowrie Lowrie says

    Ya get me! Ya get me! Ya get me what, a fucken coffee? What kind of language is that ffs.

  17. Haiiro No Jrn says

    Jorginho should have been sent off. Where is the VAR when you need it the most ?

  18. Corey Gough says

    Top 3 teams in Most successful teams in England
    1: Manchester United
    2: Liverpool
    3: Arsenal

  19. Robert Marshall says

    Ya understand

  20. dayne moodley says

    Tammy had yet to score against a top 6 side 😂

  21. SALIM86 says

    Blud fam init hamrolls blud fam

  22. makadeni123 says

    I woke up this morning… understand?

    No I don't, you're baffling me with all this rocket science talk. Explain it in simple English.

  23. Abdi Ahmed says

    Buy xhaka and bring in Ndidi bruh!

  24. Esteban Diaz says

    How does Mustafi still play for Arsenal? Surely we can use anyone else if all else are injured. I would rather have Nelson at CB than him.

  25. abdi Naasir TZ says

    I'm Chelsea fan but I like this guy troopz

  26. lanny hussun says

    i pity arsenal fans….things doesn't work right here

  27. Matthew Belcher says

    If it helps we get you blood

  28. Phil Mike Hunt says

    Yanderstan must be a great country, he mentions it alot.

  29. SilentHillUK89 says

    "you understand" no I don't understand neanderthal language

  30. Ray Gamble says


  31. Roxanne Gialdo says

    U did not deserve a win Chelsea dictated when jorgie came on u all had most of the 1st so shut up troops

  32. Thelittlejuan says

    Drink every time he says “do ya get me” or “do ya understand”

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