5 Amazing Handmade Cars


Here are five of the most amazing and unusual handmade cars that actually exist. All cars mentioned are completely hand made, featuring a life-sized fully functional Lego car and also a completely wooden supercar! Watch the video and be amazed by these crazy handmade cars!

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Wooden Car

Cardboard Car

Lego Car

Batman Car


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  1. Hakan Ekelund says


  2. Hp Omen says

    Twin superchargers. Interesting.

  3. Hp Omen says

    Completely wooden.
    Hmm… Wooden pistons don't seem like a great idea.

  4. Dat Meme says

    I want to but that car that goes at speeds up to 1,000 HP, but I hear it costs 250,000°F. Maybe if I save up for 15-20oz.

  5. BaddaBigBoom says

    This car weighs just 30 minutes and has a length of 250 pounds!

  6. Skylar Woodard says

    That is cool

  7. seasonedtoker says

    I thought the Splinter guy was anal as fukk. No, wait, here comes the LEGO car guy!!

  8. John Richardson says

    i love it when cars reach speeds so high they need to be measured in horsepower?

  9. subhan iqbal says


  10. Mohd Munir says

    lexus is the best

  11. Ram Bains says


  12. Elijay Henry says

    Number 5 a men butt crack

  13. BOT KAD[E] says

    At 1:19 look at the guy squaring down

  14. devi haridyal says

    Card board

  15. TheBusBro s says


  16. TheBusBro s says


  17. Chandan Dutta says

    No 1 of course

  18. Mads Vinge says

    1:18 lokk at the camara man to the right,

    is that an asscrack????

  19. Peerebeer says

    A whopping speed of 700 horsepower…
    Yeah sure mate

  20. Narek Nevruzyan says

    The Lexus an I own ☝️

  21. 31nash31 says

    "a whopping speed of 700 horsepower" 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  22. That One Honda Guy says

    The Horsepower Is 1000 Not The Speed, Speed Is Probably Like 189 Or 203

  23. blaze says

    Wtf is a speed of 700hp

  24. cr Addict says

    When i first saw that purple homemade car in a picture i thought i was a Mitsubishi Concept or something

  25. Wolf Prince says

    Bugatti thumbnail was a giant clickbait, thank me later👍

  26. tim wegman says

    I don’t know if anyone else noticed but at 0:29 that was Tavarish’s new Lamborghini Murcielago. He purchased it for $80k in bad shape. The car was on Fast and the Furious but the film crew totally destroyed the car and it took him 9 months to bring it back to life. Man it’s nice, it made it to 2019 Sema check it out.

  27. itsAlan Rosier says

    It is not a speed of 100hp! PLEASE PLEASE have a car guy do this!

  28. Vortex 5X says

    3:58 It's a shame what happened to the Vaydor. It used to be all about being able to create an affordable DIY car for the average person. Now, its just an overpriced Infiniti G35 with a fancy (albeit nice looking) bodykit…

  29. Brian Thomas says

    Batman car only goes 30 mph lol

  30. Sky Gaming says

    1:19 that ares tho hahaha [the paparazzi]

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