Should Arsenal Fans Be Worried Now Mourinho is at Spurs? | All Gunz Blazing Podcast ft DT


Should Arsenal Fans Be Worried Now Mourinho is at Spurs? | All Gunz Blazing Podcast ft DT

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  1. AFTV says

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  2. The King of Zamunda says

    You should be afraid.

  3. Paul Drybröugh says

    Funny looking back on this 2 weeks later. Emrey's gone, Tottenham win 5-0, and Arsenal currently losing to West Ham…

  4. charlotte23x1 says

    Cute DT family man and romance ❤️

  5. Nadeem Amode says

    Pochettino vs Rodgers – Who is more qualified.

    One of them will go to arsenal and the other to man united end of season.

  6. Alicia Bowie says

    M. Knk

  7. ranbeerbrar says

    This DT bloke of yours is talking crap. When Mourinho went to Man Utd he went to a team with a completely different mentality than Spurs. Man Utd were giants and still thought of themselves as such and the players there thought of themselves as better than the manager. There was no bond. At Spurs it’s different. They had Poch taken them to a certain point and that’s what he could do. Build and bond the team. Now Mourinho will come in and take them to the top. Better stadium, better players, better manager, better training grounds, better board. Be very very afraid. If you want to put you head in the sand and say I’m not worried and Mourinho’s a has been, then go ahead.
    Mourinho has come in to win trophies. That’s it. He doesn’t need to build a team or bring them together. Poch has done that. He’s been brought in for one reason. Win big trophies in the next 3 years. It’s been Levy’s project all the way through. That’s why within 24 hours Poch was out and Mourinho was in.
    Also one minute you lot are saying that Spurs are the only team who take cast off’s and then you go on to talk about taking in Poch. Isn’t he a Spurs cast off? The word hypocritical comes to mind.
    As a Spurs fan I love watching your pods because it seriously makes me laugh. The fact that you think Spurs are yet to be a threat to Arsenal is one thing. I think we’re the ones looking behind us. You have fallen off that throne many seasons ago.

  8. Stephen Fourie says

    Why not bring Thomas Tuchel as arsenals head coach. Just not Arteta. He has no experience as manager

  9. sh 936u says

    Realmadrid is second in laliga for years.😎

  10. sh 936u says

    Watever Mourinho said is true…
    Where is pogba now???
    Rashford a winger…Mourinho is correct.
    Where is shaw???
    Mourinho need a centre back..
    Mourinho won fa cup Europa and 2nd position in league..
    Can ole do that even with maguire???

  11. Russ Onthenet says

    Meanwhile EMERY OUT currently

  12. TYRONE says

    Take a picture of Mourinho after 10 premier League games and he will look like he's been dragged for a hedge 😂😂😂 My chin hurts ahhh

  13. Anees Shaik says

    I am appalled at everyone underestimating Mourinho. He's no joke you know and now has a point to prove. I seriously belive Tottenham pulled off a blinder of a move by getting José.

  14. Mohamed alharthy says

    Mr DT I have so much respect for you because you love the club but it takes man to admit the truth we are worried about Tottenham and Jose infect they moving in the right direction they build the stadium and move On we build our stadium and gone backwards to the level we don’t recognize if this the club we loved all are life I remember we used call it fans club but sadly it’s not anymore one American owner ruined the club I hope one day he realized that how lucky he is owing a club like Arsenal fc and invest on us to become great again

  15. Andy Andrea says

    Poch will go Man U. He's a nice guy but I don't want Poch here

  16. Andy Andrea says

    I swear if we got Moronio I will stop watching Arsenal men's and watch the ladies until he's gone. Robbie stop shitting yourself and f*@k spuds. And your medical record is well documented on was a cold last time 😉

  17. StrykesV3 StrykesV3 says

    DT really talking about poisonous atmosphere? Lmaooo the lack self awareness

  18. Epic gamer123 says

    DT: 3 points. Simple as that
    Unai Emery: UNO reverse card

  19. Rexor says

    Don Robbie saying hey baby at 40:18

  20. Martin Foster says

    Message for DT – you are very pleasant when not in a foul mood well done to you and the Don Robbie

  21. areeb ullah says

    DT definitely voted for Brexit

  22. Adam 13CFC says

    Chelsea fan here even we would love to see Arsenal win something with Poch anything to piss of the spurs mob.

  23. Soteris GEORGIO says

    DT what are you talking about? he took them to second and won 2 trophies in one season. He wanted Maguire and was refused and yet OGS got him. He was up against City and Peps spending Klopp also spent more. DT you do chat sh*t .

  24. Soteris GEORGIO says

    Mourinho had NO MONEY at Porto 2 league titles a cup the UEFA and Champions league .

  25. Linda Smith says

    Guendouzi out and changes will come, Guendouzi is not a good player – get this into your head

  26. Linda Smith says

    Xhaka is the best center right now, you fans play the role here, but you all will be sorry if he leaves when you cant blame the manager anymore, when it goes down to only the players you will see

  27. Linda Smith says

    Arteta?????????????? hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! Why not Thierry Henry then??

  28. The Institution says

    DT has never even thought, not even fathomed what it is like to have a manager like Mourinho.
    The team gets another dimension, Porto looked like a tank, Chelsea was scary, Inter was invincible and Real also looked scary.
    Porto with one of the greatest underdog stories ever, Chelsea was taken seriously only after he was in, Real (above all) & Inter i don't think belong to this conversation, far greater clubs.
    Mourinho NEEDS only one crucial ingredient: Men.
    He trains men, not kids. ⚡

  29. HMQ says

    Keith Burkinshaw won 2 FA cups and a UEFA cup

  30. Deli says

    DT not being objective in this video.

  31. Glen Glen says

    This bloke on the right is off his head. Tottenham got to the champions League with the same team and now got a better manger I would be worried.

    Shit manger, shit team, shit fan and talking out his arse !!!

  32. THFC says

    Dick twat full of shit as always, take off your cap, let’s see that spam head

  33. Mark Blacoe says

    Ferguson in his last year didn’t have a great team, but city and pool weren’t anywhere near where they are now. Mourniho is dangerous because he’s been questioned. He’s gone away reflected on his last too jobs and said I won’t be making the same mistakes. He has no pressure with spurs 14th they can’t be any lower. The only way is up for them

  34. Nani Eke says

    What planet is Bobby living in ❓ Mou has been shite for years… Almost relegated Chelsea, the players were proactive enough to stage a Coup… MUFC were stupid enough to hire him, won the Europa on a Fluke, and he played utter shite, MUFC only managed to reach the final of the Europa cos tne opposition team in the Semis missed a sitter at the final minutes… And Finishing second to Manchester City was the most embarrassing 2nd place ever.. Spent millions at MUFC and produced next to nothing, and kept asking for more defenders… Bobby must be smoking some Elite stuff for hyping Mou like this 🤔

  35. Anthony Torres says


  36. Kenneth O'Donnell says

    DT. What about Mark Goldbridge proposal to do something positive for charity and put paid to the tired and boring conflict between rants, mark and yoursefl.

  37. drumpros says

    DT is such a child. Robbie is actually a great presenter. DT obviously shaking in his boots

  38. Neil Price says

    DT will never give a unbiased view on anything other than Arsenal….the guy is a proper bellend, Robbie talks more sense than him

  39. Jagon Chichon says

    Everyone forgets that Mourinio is successful at those clubs with low expectations. Porto and Inter Milan at the time didn't expect a particular playing style, they definitely didn't expect to win the Champions League. Whereas he wasn't popular at Man u or Madrid because they expect attacking footy, Spurs don't demand that, their fans are just happy to be able to attract someone of that calibre

  40. BLXIII says


  41. Still Dre says

    Ten Hag? Are you crazy? I’m hearing his considering either he Bayern job or takeover from Koeman for the Netherlands job

  42. Kevin Kermany says

    I agree with Robbie Mourinho is an elite manager.

  43. Damien CALLAGHAN says

    Emery is DONALD DUCKED
    A Snowman has a better future

  44. The Realist says

    Robbie's shook 😂 don't blame him Mourinho always spanks the Goons 😂

  45. G Night says

    Be worried.

  46. Francis Bacon says

    Robbie is right. Spurs will win trophies. Spurs have outstanding players. At United, first season he won 2 trophies with a very modest team, and got them into the CL. Second season he finishes second by a distance with the same modest team and lost a cup final they should have won. Third season, he was sacked in December. Spurs are going to be a very different proposition with Mourinho.

  47. Man Utd fans hated Mourino after 3 years. First 2 years fine – so just use him strictly for 2 seasons and out.

  48. jason garcia says

    DT is just jealous that Spurs has him now!

  49. Kalo 2010 says


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