1. Wilmer Rosales galarza says

    Goles del tridente

  2. Allan emilio Torres nuñez says

    Que golazo el de coutinho

  3. Haziri 1989 says

    Nice MSG👍👍👍

  4. MesSIX says

    K SMG we see u👀👀.

  5. ElPropio Jr says

    El mejor gol fue el de coutinho :v

  6. Lucky Ti2rlo2by says

    Barca is the best

  7. Khairuz Zahro says

    I'm happy….😊

  8. Nano nano says

    petruk tenan iki wes rarti meneh aku pie iki kok pest barang.

  9. Don Carepicha says

    Qué mal se sigue viendo el Barcelona cuando no tiene el balón, el Eibar pudo generar el peligro que quiso. Qué bueno que se aplazó el clásico porque con esta defensa me temía lo peor.

  10. Proprs-X2 - says

    Respect messi n suarez

  11. Vazha Tkemaladze says

    There is very big competition in forward line and midfielding of barca but problem of defence line is still existing so shame 😣😣😣
    Edit: of course messi is the best in this staff but rest of attackers are also not bad

  12. Edm Try says

    C ronaldo fans like

  13. griezzy scores and assists messi messi scores and assists surez xD

  14. Alunski Jacky says

    Wtf at the end lol

  15. Blerton Ajruli says

    Griezman 2:51 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  16. Shivan Singh says

    The unselfishness of Messi, no wonder he's the GOAT

  17. Hydra Gamer says

    Griezmann 1:43
    Messi 4:34
    Suarez 5:04

  18. 사나미나토 자키 says

    Messi Suarez Griezmann (MSG) = Ajinomoto

  19. N0stalgic Retro says

    3:56 so if his hair are on the red line, it's offside?

  20. Radik badamshin says

    Молодец месси отдал пас хотя сам мог забить

  21. Dropzy on LoL says

    People saying it's PES 20 at the end, then why the hell is Coutinho on Barcelona? On FIFA 20 Coutinho is on Bayern, where he's supposed to be now.

  22. Yusa Naza says

    Leo Greatest👍👏

  23. oumou cisse says

    Vraiment messi c est le meilleur

  24. AkagamiSHANKS says

    Messi not egois

  25. Rubaanessh Mahindran says

    Why the hell there's pes 2020 at the end??

  26. Yinhla Blessing says

    barcelona is still not convincing

  27. Nkosikhona Sthembiso says


  28. Nkosikhona Sthembiso says


  29. Myron Asiedu says


  30. nooralim prasetya says

    Dia messi tidak hanya mencetak gol tp dia jg memberikan assist

  31. temiout left ?! says

    Pes 20??

  32. SiriusBetelgeuse says

    MSG (Monosodium glutamate) if you know you know

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