1. RGD Gaming says

    What test server is this? Can i have the link download?

  2. KG Bambam says

    150b for more 1k aa lol

  3. artur lazowski says

    i want duel with u 😀

  4. Mordarg00 says

    Is This global?? Are there still servers callem Helheim and Vallhalla ??? ( I rember the times of Wigle And Maya 😉 )

  5. Awie Garen says

    anyone knows what MU is this?

  6. ST4MY says


  7. Robert Lucas says

    This is the test sever, isn't it???

  8. amir hossein dad says

    good game very fun to play

  9. shadow-wolf gaming says

    Jr high times and miss the private server as well lol

  10. Satriadi 7 says

    Masih adakah game ini?

  11. creator Space says

    That's a good one.

  12. Arne says

    I just started playing again after soo many years. I was around level 100 something back then. 2004 or 05, but still noob. Didn't pay attention to Events, jewel of chaos combinations etc. I just loved the grind, to find a party and just grind mobs and chat with your party for hours. Replaying this game now i realize how much there is to learn about the game and i feel kinda lost. Can anybody guide me on where to start learning what to focus on and whats important. I have learnt a little bit just playing the game but everyone seem to be light years ahead of me, what is the secret? lol.

  13. Andres Marquez says

    Se puede jugar en Android

  14. NEXOON RJ says

    Que Mu é esse ?

  15. Song Kevin says

    Latin h0h0 4ucker attack player stealing items sales people how u guys playing dirty playing

  16. Leonardo Panes III says

    what is the link to download this game?

  17. GOMEZ says

    Skill "5" icon is just copy of Lava Burst from World of Warcraft, hmm..

  18. 김김선구 says


  19. MrShAgYT says

    @UCkzA_mVihniTVo2oV1zGCOw/videos pls guys help me grow my channel im new in YOUTUBE but i got a lot of experience in MU games

  20. anti mine says

    a copy of Diablo..

  21. João Oliveira Jr says

    🥇MAGMU 97D 2.0🥇

    🔥Novatos ganha 4 Box por IP!🔥
    🔥Diversão você encontra aqui !🔥
    Versão: 97d 2.0
    🥇DROPS 100%🥇
    🥇EXP 10.000X🥇
    🥇Blood Castle com premiação (Box blood castle)
    🏅100% Sem Lag
    🏅Cliente Reduzido !! Jogue em qualquer maquina
    🏅Efeitos com qualidade profissional
    🏅Rankings adicionados
    🏅Sistema de Sobrevivência;
    🏅Eventinhos Automático
    🏅Invasão 24 hrs no servidor(sendo programada)
    🏅Pvp totalmente equilibrado
    🏅Eventos Diarios com a Staff
    🏅Eventos com premiações especiais
    🏅Itens Exclusivos
    🥇Mega Maratona MagMu
    👉Grupo do WhatsApp : https://chat.whatsapp.com/DRvVhFycMBa9MttDLHFRuH
    Curto vídeo do servidor : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqlXIUvV5f8&t=5s

  22. Yusof Alinto says

    what's server sir this mu

  23. Yusof Alinto says

    nice set brother

  24. 김김선구 says

    저렇게 잡으면 잘잡나

  25. -iTrieD Warface says


  26. Ritsuka says

    Your character looks really cool.

  27. Lorencia Brasil MU says

    Isso sim é um BM Full !

  28. fugA / says

    Z chęcią cofnął bym się 10 lat do tyłu i pograł w stare dobre mu :/

  29. MuOnline Ramp Build says

    oh ABM,, nice nice

  30. Itay Gurvich says

    I'm surprised this game is still running. I remember playing it in 5th grade

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