Jürgen Klopp's pre-match press conference | Wolves


Watch in full, as the boss speaks to the media following the Boxing Day win at Leicester about Liverpool’s upcoming Premier League clash with Wolverhampton Wanderers at Anfield.

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  1. Smo ke says

    SHAME ON YOU…!!! 👎

  2. Smo ke says

    SHAME ON YOU…!! 👎

  3. Smo ke says


  4. adam84657 says

    liVARpool strike again with help from the ref to disallow a valid Wolves goal

  5. Vey Phearom says

    I wish liverpool will win this match.

  6. Debziez says

    Klopp looking like Indiana Jones dad 🤣😂🤣😂

  7. Potshangbam Meghachandra says

    Liverpool FC won a year treble trophies in 2019;
    UCL ,USC, FIFA CWC . Ynwa🤥👍🔥🔥🔥

  8. Katie Hadley says

    Statue outside the new main stand I think . 😉

  9. A normal person Not an alien says

    Watch the match highlights from wolves channel. It's hillarious. Pep obviously looked so mad, he aggresively drank the water from his bottle everytime wolves scored

  10. micky p says

    i think liverpool would gladly take a point now rather than face 90mins against the might of wolves

  11. Leicester City F.C. Fan says

    Klopp make me laugh when he smiles..lol Such a likable bloke, even through his team just battered mine..

  12. Waheed Asghar says

    Bobby is the first name on the sheet

  13. The Artist says

    sack klopp

  14. Kay Emmel says

    Where do I buy Klopp's Snood Neck Warmer?

  15. chandinee Bhujan says

    Our fans have to realise..we have not yet won anything. We are at top of the league but just like Jurgen says we need to continue concentrate on each game at a time..and win each and everyone of them. Then if at the end of the season we are still top then we can start celebrating like crazy… this team has the potential to win the treble and break new records… Epl, Fa Cup and Cpl 2020.

  16. Junior says

    klopp has really put Liverpool back up where we belong

  17. Hadyatma Pratama says

    So traore will face VVD? BOOM!

  18. king favy says

    I have to realize that its just not enough to be an lfc fan. Its more of show you an lfc fan. To us , liverpool means more than a club. Its a family, its a cult and its the team for winners.

  19. El Salvador Remesas says

    anyone else think Keita is becoming a star player game by game and super awesome 👏

  20. Hey Dude says

    I’ve been a massive fan off Adama I remember the lad playing for Barcelona in a friendly game in the US he was brilliant fast technically gifted beating players with ease I remember thinking this player if given decent time to develop he will some day be one hell of a player.I think Adama has found his feet at Wolves Liverpool’s defence will have to be good double team him Robertson will have his work cut out he will have to use all his experience for this game but I think Koop will work out how to stop his effectiveness no problem..Liverpool to win 3 -2

  21. Dana Z says

    We are Liverpool,from Ethiopia.

  22. Boom Boom says

    Wanna see a van Dijk solo run goal, like one from his Celtic days, against wolves

  23. Stoker Films says

    This is the best Liverpool squad in Liverpool’s history. I never dreamt we would have a manager as good as Shankly or Paisley…Klopp is a genius and cut from the same cloth. The spirit of Liverpool is in him and pound for pound he could well be the best. It’s a marriage made in footballing heaven.♥️🙏x

  24. the English Rocker says

    Watch this space dude you will see your first defeat

  25. Adrian Richards says

    Are those his real teeth …have the players had a job lot as well

  26. Jake Caine says

    Looking forward to going to my first match tomorrow. LETS GET THIS WIN

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