How to Install a Hidden Kill Switch in your Car or Truck (Cheap Anti Theft System)


Instead of installing an expensive car alarm system or using ineffective methods to prevent your car from getting stolen, learn how to install an inexpensive, hidden kill switch.

This kill switch is easy to install and anyone can do it at home with basic tools. It can also work along with your car’s current alarm system. How it works is it cuts the power to the fuel pump so you cannot jump start the car, hot wire it, or even push start it. In order to steal the car you need to tow it! It is better than a batter quick disconnect because your computer wont restart and you wont lose your radio stations.

Dream Car:

Products Used:
Automatic Wire Strippers:
Crimping Pliers:
On/Off Switch:
Heat Shrink Butt Connectors:
16 Gauge Wire:
Spade Connectors:
Inexpensive Multimeter:

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  1. ChrisFix says

    I hope this video was helpful and you guys never have one of your vehicles stolen! If you install a kill switch, be sure to tag me on Instagram @ChrisFixit so I can share your post!
    By the way, make sure you watch till the end for my "dream car"!!! Sooooo Pumped to show you guys that!
    Security System:
    Automatic Wire Strippers:

    Crimping Pliers:

    On/Off Switch:

    Heat Shrink Butt Connectors:

    16 Gauge Wire:

    Spade Connectors:

    Inexpensive Multimeter:

  2. Ziqrul Iman says

    I hope people who steal cars get hit by a train.

  3. Aviation Spirit says

    Have a kill switch for the kill switch

  4. Aviation Spirit says

    Have a kill switch for the kill switch

  5. K B says

    Robbers: brings a tow truck

  6. Jordan Cooper says

    How would this work a diesel as cutting the fuel pump would create air in fuel lines if I'm correct ?

  7. StevenXr8Boss1 says

    Hey champ! Great video, but just get vehicle insurance, it'll save time

  8. speedracer123222 says

    Could install 2 kill switches and both need to be on before start. One could be fule and one could be alternator. Not sure if it would be safe tho. Maybe the signal to starter.

  9. Mickey Leiva says

    What if one of the thieves was watching

  10. martin hudson says

    Very smart, back in later 70ds we use a foot light dimmers switch but we had to get out and turn the the switch,

  11. Ruben Núñez says

    Man i love this!!!

  12. Flight_ DripZy says

    Yo imagine he shifting like a boss and accidentally flips the switch.

    Instantly makes a video on the side of a freeway

  13. DEMON STYLE says

    Воры всё это знают, залезут к этому реле, увидят два не штатных провода и просто откусят их и соединят ))) Нужно перекусить заводской провод, где-то поглубже, что не было видно не заводские провода!

  14. Matthew says

    Hardest part of this video is Chris trying to find a better spot than the one he showed us

  15. Jon Lemay says

    Would it be better to install the switch on a relay for the starter? So the thief doesn't wear out your starter

  16. Adixonsq says

    Im From the future it’s hammer h1 With duramax swap

  17. mojo says

    As ever, a great upload Chris

  18. Hume Farms says

    In my opinion you should have put a kill switch on the battery so the thef thinks the battety is dead and leaves. If you install a fuel pump kill switch they will probaly crank your car so much that they run the battery dead so then YOU are stuck woth a dead battery. That is just my opinion though.

  19. KHAN says

    Hey "C. F." Loved the upload, thanks for sharing. I like cars but i love bikes more. I have a enduro that´s converted to a supermoto. Enduro bikes does most often not come with a key ignition that kills both the electric system and the kick starter. There is no well explained how to install a key ignition that kills both the electric system AND the kick starter on YouTube. It would be worth more than gold if you could gives a big hand showing us how to do this the proper way. I have a Yamaha WR450F if that helps? Looking forward to your upload. Thanks in advance. Kind regards.

  20. Keii says

    Why dont use remote kill switch ?

  21. Carlos Slump says

    His s2000 was “stolen and stripped” shows a Toyota 1:09

  22. vicky beytell says

    Will you ever post video's on the Honda del soull

  23. Matthew Myles says

    I love how the robber could just cut the kill switch from the fuel pump relay and connect it the wires. 😭😂

  24. james the killer says

    Can you install in owner type jeep

  25. Techspeed Gaming says

    Yoooo, just noticed, ur del sol idles at 2 k rpms cold? What the actual hell? U might wanna look into that, that's a bit high of an idle. Might cause u issues at traffic lights or when parking with the clutch.

  26. Dumb Royale says

    Car thief: Write it down Write it down!

  27. Gamer Ninja says

    Watched this whole video yet I don’t even have a car.😂

  28. Joseph Rabinow says


  29. Georgii Khan says

    What do you do if you have a push button start ????

  30. Ghost RaiderzM3 says

    Dam I need that but I'm not good at that stuff

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