How to buy a car without getting ripped off (Marketplace)


How do you buy a car without getting ripped off? We go undercover to investigate how some dealerships push long-term loans without explaining all the risks.

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  1. DIMAX I says

    That poor girl is working solely for her car.

  2. Maxs Raving Music says

    Actually it's the consumers need not to smile an be happy an laughing, cause that shows a salesmen we got one. That's real key, stay calm don't get over excited

  3. jmintube says

    Just buy a Tesla direct from the manufacturer no dealership ripoffs to fight over. No hassle, full transparency and the best cars ever made.

  4. Kyle Waid says

    Something isn't right about her story, she bought a new vehicle and had to trade it in after a few months? What about the manufacturers warranty?

  5. Jh Zhou says

    How to get the best deal?
    Ride Public transit, and you take on 0 in debt.

  6. Ricardo Hu says

    Because the basic education in school is a joke, thanks for the progressive agenda of the left. People should learn the common sense as a kid: know what you can afford and don't spend more than what you have.

  7. Thunder 17 says

    i personally think the maximum is 3 years
    edit:we would never buy a car on financing

  8. Brookenoel 85 says

    When you get people like one of the Kardashians and they are given big expensive cars to drive around so people see them driving it and want one..makes me sick..🤢

  9. The Hitman says

    I only buy cash

  10. RossP Barnett says

    Typical North American car buyer, Hyundai's are junk. 2 Hyundai's = $50,000. That woman is spending a down payment on a home for 2 POS cars !

  11. Michael Blasius says

    I can't believe people need to be told the basic principle of buying a car based on the total price rather than the payments. Or, that new cars depreciate right away and you should basically never buy them. Or, that you should buy a beater unless you can easily afford the car. I want to have sympathy for these people that get them into bad deals but their demonstration of a lack of basic common sense makes me question whether these people should be allowed to drive at all.

  12. j belo says

    Act your wage, is much more important than your age these days!!

  13. Llavi Kastiyo says

    DON'T BUY HYUNDAI !!! I'm surprised how many people do

  14. Watty says

    I know it's not much. But thank you Shantelle.

  15. The Tatted gamer says

    Is this 0% thing only in Canada? Cause I've brought 3 cars in Texas and never once was I promised that number. It seems ridiculous just looking at it. No bank would do that

  16. focusonauto says

    Try buying a good used low budget car.

  17. JudahBenLevi says

    One more comment, please do not get offended by this comment. I've noticed how people will go to someone that looks like them thinking that they will play it straight with them, that is a trick is, these guys are trying to sell you a car and they will rob anyone black, white, doesn't matter, they too, have families to feed, bills to pay and car payments.

  18. JudahBenLevi says

    I knew a female at my last job who was always upset because she went a bought a car a friend of her's told her how much she would have paid on this car 🚙 in 6 years She was pissed! She finally let is go and bought a used vehicle and it runs great! Another female, well, both of these females one (was) paying over $600 with insurance and the other one (is) paying over $600 for her care with insurance. That has to be a burden on her, she's back home living with her mother. Instead of getting a place of her own. Guess she's able to live rent-free? I know I couldn't live rent-free if I went back home my mother does not play. Pay your rent or go to a shelter.🤣!

  19. Joseph R says

    New cars are scams if you borrow money for it. Follow Dave Ramsey's advice.

  20. Michael Mast says

    "Why not implement big posters in dealerships"?
    "I would love that, it's a great idea".
    "You could do it, you're the regulator."
    "Nah, the industry I regulate would never agree to it."


  21. GIGI P says

    I hope they helped chantelle out 😢

  22. Ted Freddy says

    I always thought Canadians were smarter than us Americans, Damn

  23. onenikkione says

    Hyundai in USA comes with the best warranty of all manufactures, sounds like she just wanted a different car?

  24. Mirror1973 says

    My heart aches for the girl

  25. Joe Bie says

    Just don't buy a car period. Use either bus, uber, or bike. Just don't buy a car. Nothing but money pits.

  26. Majestic Skies says

    16:55 While I completely agree with CBC that dealerships are simply out to sell as many cars as possible and dont care about the consumer at all. CBC many times in this video subtly push the idea that more government regulations for the auto industry would resolve this issue. This is simply a ridiculous notion and show just how bias the CBC is. If consumers were taxed less had more money in their pockets and were actually educated early on how to be smart with their money they wouldnt fall for these ridiculously obvious ploys. You know what the most criminal aspect of a car purchase is? The 12-15% tax the government steals lol

  27. Catherine Wright says

    She should’ve call the corporate office

  28. Rao Venu says

    This video is definitely dated. These "experts" tell you how to avoid scams but they don't tell you the "right" way. The steps I followed in 2014 are
    a) Figure out the kind of cars (brand / model) that you want based on your lifestyle. Read reviews. Which features are necessary and which are nice to have
    Basically this boils down to know what you want before you walk in. Else you are susceptible to up sell.

    b) Use the internet: Do comparison shopping for those cars within a 50 mile radius (for price and features). Much easier to do this without having the time / energy sink of going to a dealership and having to make on the spot decisions. If a dealership 30 miles away is offering you $1000 less than a dealership close to you, then take the printout and go to / call your neighborhood dealership and ask them "Can you match this for this brand & model?"

    c) Do comparison shopping for interest rates. (either online or just call your bank). Dealership offered to give me a 3% APR loan over 6 years. I asked "Can you do better?" and was told No. I responded that my bank was offering 2%. They immediately matched it.

    d) Don't rush and don't fall in love with a car. Be ready to walk away at any moment.

  29. juan gonzalez says

    Everybody should have this channel on their favorite 😊 very informative 😎

  30. Lillian kline says

    It’s 2019 lol and soon it will be 2020

  31. Mon Avis says

    Buy your car cash and from a private owner. Much more pleasurable experience and you can save a lot. Plus your car will have full options without having to pay for them. I just bought a 6 months old ca CASHr, full options from a private owner and saved 15K on the same car new !!

  32. Yousouf011 says

    Basically these guys are not selling cars but loans…lol they should be squired to have a banking license..
    My advice..never get indebted…you will become a slave..take the bus but be free

  33. Martin Zwicker says

    Hey CBC, interesting piece and somewhat disturbing to see how consumers are exploited, but you did not deliver in this video and educate consumers on "How to buy a car without getting ripped off?" You really only showed examples of what getting ripped off looks like. The best advice was "four year loan, max five."
    Here's some advice:
    Never buy a new car – the fee for freight and PDI ($15k to $2k) alone should be enough to convince.
    Never buy a new car – the moment you drive off the lot, you are "under water / upside down / negative equity."
    Never buy a new car – new cars almost always require financing. Save and pay cash – you will be much more likely only to buy
    what you can afford and not buy what you cannot afford.
    Never buy a new car – Paying interest is like throwing money out the window while you drive down the road. Even 0% interest
    offers are making up the profit by inflating the sale price.
    Never buy a new car – when you focus on the monthly payment, you are ignoring the actual cost of the car AND you are likely
    paying full sticker price. Only rare exotics have no negotiating room – 99% of cars can be purchased for
    less than full sticker.

  34. Neon2110 says

    Moral of the story if you can’t afford to buy the car outright with cash you can’t afford it at all. Build wealth is about saving and living within your means. Chantelle could easily live within the city, so she doesn’t need to own a car.

  35. Sarah Sophia says

    hate cbc in general but love marketplace

  36. Leopold Tintera says

    So isnˋt there something like warranty in Canada? By the way the female customer doesnˋt seem to be the smartest person.

  37. Jumbomuffin13 says

    It’s honestly funny when people in their 20 buy a car that puts them in a status far above the average individual but don’t realize the deal they think is great just helps the banks… right when you sign the papers to finance, you basically give the bank another asset for them to take away right when you stop a payment.

  38. Dani Vasquez says

    The first 6 minutes of this video:
    Trying to blame the dealerships that people can't do grade 1 math.

  39. Aleya MC says

    What’s wrong with Hyundai? I don’t even have a car or need one but what’s wrong with it

  40. Aleksandar Dimitrioski says

    For me is .. if you need a loan at all you cant afford it .. simple

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