Black Ticket

  2. Oli Os says

    Martinelli is arsenals best player!

  3. TOP 10 facts says

    Its not the aro muriqi fault defense is crap

  4. Tiphaine Luccy says

    very good stuff. I enjoy watching soccer. 😀

  5. Getting in first for tomorrow night. Stoke manager got his first win for Stoke v Forest last season, now he needs a win to save his job and I believe he’ll get that win v Us again tomorrow night. It’s what Forest do, save managers jobs with utter complacency. I’m going Stoke 2-1 😕

  6. Muhammed Ali GOKDEMiR says

    Bellerin is so underrated

  7. hd says

    Man city loan the keeper out for a reason, I no the reason, Forest dont.

  8. Temitope Adeusi says

    Arsenal look more threatening with tierney and martinelli in the side.

  9. Littlewill 18 says

    From that video I saw that muric is utter shit

  10. BrayPlays7 NFFC says

    *Queing Vietnam Flashbacks to 2016

  11. Quit Addiction says

    forest were an embarrassment a joke Derby would have handled arsenal much better

  12. Fake.bri.lamouchi says

    Not bothered about that, lamouchi just wanted to get the game over and done with, regardless of the result, so we had a fit first team for the stoke away game, which is why we didn't actually play a proper striker.

  13. alan charles stephens says

    An O'Neil team would have never capitulated, like Lambouchi team?!

  14. Michael Knight says


  15. JZHD says

    Defence looked clueless but I don’t blame them these Arsenal players rlly r something. Muric was the usual, but don’t let this put you down we don’t rlly want a cup run due to the opportunity we have this season to go up, fuck the cup, let’s just go up rlly. Yes we may have got shat on but who rlly gives that much of a fuk.

  16. Adam Trembirth says

    Unlucky boys come on you REDS for Friday top of the league looks nice

  17. King__Dougie says

    We should have left Muric in London

  18. Tony C says

    Never mind losing, but second half collapse isn't acceptable, it was a chance for some fringe players to step up and make a name, sadly they've not done enough. More changes in January required including a forward. Just hope this doesn't ruin the confidence.

  19. rick stevenson says

    Can't wait to get back to the premier league. It'll be like that every week.

  20. Artur Sander says

    So golaços

  21. NFFC For Life says

    I’m not bothered muric is in net he’s shit. Anyway it’s hard to go and win Arsenal not that bothered. Stoke is the game I’m bothered about .
    Com on you reds

  22. Dale Stennett says

    Can't believe pep rates muric . He's shocking . I would take steele over him anyday . Nice to see a rotation of squad though . Coyr

  23. qays mohamud says

    Please give me subscrie

  24. Kbonefan says

    I expected 10-0, tsk

  25. Odi Señin says

    Premier League Starting 11: Youth players + Meyang.

  26. AlexiuS says

    Don't feel bad because it was Arsenal's youth team, they're playing better than senior squad and most of these youngsters are about to take their place in the first 11.

  27. Utopian Dreamer says

    From an old Celtic man to Arsenal fans. You truly have a diamond in Kieran Tierney. The boy is not only a superb player, he is 100% a workhorse and a team player. Best defender we had since Danny McGrain. He is World Class, a term I rarely use. Anyway, good luck for the season.

  28. zuhairi shahar says

    United next

  29. Kobrakid says

    Let me just say muric has conceded 11 goals in 2 games

  30. Martin Seagrave says

    Lead in their boots did they know they had a following of 8000+ what a stadium tho!

  31. bernie guy says

    Jheeze the Arsenal kids are frightening

  32. Birdal Met says

    Good luck to Forest in the championship

  33. Keith Mass says

    Arsenal score 5 against us yet Spurs could not beat Cheltenham lol! I bet on the wrong Prem team haha.

  34. RedHabour79 XBL says

    wouldnt wish an injury on anyone, but city need a gk injury so they take muric back lol

  35. RedHabour79 XBL says

    ok, we lost, shame but not meaningful, youths learn from their opportunity. Gotta not let it effect our mindset in the league!

  36. Joseph Pickard says

    Highlights is a strong word. The squad looked like they had parachutes on their backs all night. Arsenal were far better. First goal was top class.

  37. K C says

    Gulf in class was enormous. Arsenal players miles better technically and much faster. Silva was terrible, gave the ball away repeatedly and Adomah up front a failure. Back to the more important games now, a win at Stoke Friday would send us top!!

  38. rich greeeat says

    Our keeper was shocking again, I think Samba wouldve saved 3 of those.

  39. Lucas Baldock says


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