Chelsea v Liverpool | Top 5 Premier League Moments | Salah, Torres, Lampard


A compilation of the top 5 Chelsea v Liverpool moments in the Premier League. What’s your favourite Chelsea v Liverpool moment? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Premier League says

    Discover how you can watch this match and others from Matchweek 6:

  2. Cookymonster 5412 says

    6:40 The goal that changed everything at Chelsea

  3. Hugo Brown says

    The goal is too big.


    8:17Liverpool fans singing YNWA the loudest they've ever done,trying to calm their pain

  5. Eric Matengu says

    I want the BEAT at the beginning of the video.

  6. محمود سامي says

    You Chelsea fans you say Liverpool suck I say Ibraham suck just like you HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH we won 2-1 hahahahahahahahahhahahaha you are suckers ahahhahahahahahahahahah

  7. wf c says

    wheres torres ???

  8. Mohammed A. Mustafa says

    Chelsea fan here, but I can only imagine what Liverpool fans were going through seeing the infamous slip and Torres cleanly running to the goal. Honestly I felt guilty, like I just shattered someone's dream…

  9. aGuUU27 says

    Gerrard's slip makes me laugh every time

  10. Achilleas Mattheou says


  11. Sit Lian Studio says

    Gerard slip?? Why??

  12. Abel Joseph says

    “We do not slip now”

    Chat wass🤣🤣

  13. 하하하하 says


  14. Greko- grb0204 says

    I am a Chelsea fan but I really feel bad for Gerrard in that last one not only because he slipped but because could have been his chance to win the title with Liverpool and then retire or go to the MLS (which is like retiring but keep making some money) he is a great player though and deserved 1 PL title

  15. Lil Mo says


  16. Stevie-g slip is in on my mind forever TT.
    you too?. I'm liverpool fans

  17. zZArsenicZz says

    5 years on, and he's still remembered as Slippy G. God Bless this video.

  18. Joshua Baconawa says

    Loopsided this video shows chelsea victories rather than liverpool. Mereiles goal at Stanford bridge should be included here

  19. Christyy says

    Were unbeaten now in 3 games agai st Chelsea lfc fan

  20. Trump says

    Uhh that slip painful reminder

  21. Aiden Lee says

    Humba Humba

  22. Andrica Ion says

    William should have let Torres scored that.

  23. azhar rosadi says

    SLIPERRAD again

  24. þeans says

    can someone explain to me wtf was that?
    wasnt that a kilometer offside?

  25. Dominik Ławniczak says

    I bet today Liverpool will win 3:1! 😀


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  26. ibnu fauzi says

    When mou celebrate second goal, Anfield sing YNWA very loud. You not respect, your career is not good now

  27. music music says

    Music ?

  28. veliv productions says

    You put Torres in the title but not in the video. Noice.

  29. Reyuza 22 says

    Chelsea win

  30. ᄇᄉ만 보면 짖는개 says

    제라드 저 장면 볼때마다 맘이 너무 아프다ㅠ

  31. MC-sniper_16 says

    Imagine people still believing that Gerrard caused liverpool that title smh…

  32. Ibrahim Adan says

    As always liver will win

  33. Uzair Ansari says

    that first touch at 2:07 just ridiculous

  34. Asyraf Kamil says

    Whatever it is, we will stop liv to win the title for the sake of humanity 💪💪

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