Chelsea Dressing Room Funny Moments Video ft Willian & Jorginho


Chelsea Dressing Room Funny Moments Video ft Willian & Jorginho

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  1. Jonathan Philip says

    Who else is glad Jorginho is in Chelsea 😄😅

  2. Red Viper says

    1:53 what is a name of this song?

  3. TrainSpotter99 says

    Love Jorginho!!

  4. Roby says


  5. Nick Cfc says

    I loved this club

  6. Prince Francis Orumezie says

    I really love chelsea and i will never go away from chelsea no matter anything

  7. uncle du!! Ishumi says

    love my team

  8. Ahmeddin Abdella says

    the best foot ball club

  9. Ahmeddin Abdella says

    i love you chelsea

  10. Kurt laye zouma says


  11. spwa says

    Ross Barkley looks like the white version of vin diesel

  12. Sina Berma says

    This Jorginho guy is funny

  13. Zair 7 says

    I bet every Chelsea player avoids jorg when they travel. Lmao they need sleep

  14. Vandinho Moraes says

    William e foda

  15. GO FC says


  16. andrie koehler says

    Jorginho gila wkwk

  17. aiman Iqmal says


  18. Eye Ligma says

    Their job is to swim, train and play 90 minutes of football a week, and get paid hundreds of thousands of pounds a week, damn I wish I was good at football

  19. tanawat kanyaya says

    New luiz

  20. Foday Camara says

    Nice moment

  21. Sommart Saleeon says

    I love chelsea ✌🏻✌🏻😁

  22. Real Chestro says

    I thought we'd lost all the jokes when Hazard and Luiz left, only for CFC to unleash lord Jorginho

  23. junior sanchez says

    Bonucci plays in Juventus Serie A 1:07

  24. I S says

    Why do Brazilians choose Italy over their own country?

  25. Jodhy Paletteri Sutopo says

    Where's lampard ?


    Funny one wish to watching more of Chelsea players in their dressing room

  27. Mlocoz Daud says

    Chelsea Damu Damu

  28. Daniel Funsho-agun says


  29. Daniel Funsho-agun says

    Jorghino…. Unity

  30. Daniel Funsho-agun says

    Tomori: relax rudigar lemme handle them
    Rudi: I'll be swimming

  31. Eriq Perses says

    I love the player on the pitch but would kill the guy irl

  32. jpfootballhd says

    Brazilians the funniest

  33. Black BuckChain says

    Jorginho captain on the pitch and joker outside

  34. ASARE TV says

    I love Chelsea

  35. Linus Linus says

    This video have made my mood 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  36. Kevin wade says

    kante and hazard are best friends ever☺☺☺😊

  37. Senzo Mavini says

    Jorginho never sleeps.

  38. Kevin Mitchell says

    How os bonucci in this?

  39. Kevin Anas Wicaksono says

    holyshittt i miss rlc so muchhh

  40. Luc Anato says


  41. Simon Thoma says


  42. Tata Lima says


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