Barça arrive in Tokyo


Barça are in Japan. Barça’s flight to Tokyo and the starting point for the FC Barcelona Japan Tour 2019 Presented by Rakuten landed at Haneda Airport in the Japanese capital at 12.20pm local time. The 13-hour flight crossed half the globe, flying over the cities of Rome, Tashkent and Beijing, before landing in Tokyo, where the temperature was 27º C and with 80% humidity.

There are 17 players available from the first team and nine from Barça B, and they will play two games against Chelsea (July 23, Tokyo) and against Vissel Kobe (July 27, Kobe). The latter is the team of former blaugranas Andrés Iniesta, David Villa and Sergi Samper.
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  1. 물깨 says

    그리즈만 머시따…

  2. Anthony Messi says

    Travel to Melbourne,Victoria

  3. Anthony Messi says

    Japan kids,teenagers and adults are lucky they get to meet famous footballers

  4. Joao da silva says

    Messi de vacaciones que poco profesional

  5. Ajax #2 soccer cat says

    What the heck was that?!

  6. Nikhil Tony says

    next year's team put Suarez in for arthur

  7. pakistani gamer says


  8. Marvel br says

    Gerad pique 😍😍😍😍

  9. Marvel br says

    Frank de Jong🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. WAS LX1A says

    I mean, its not that we are in the post honeymoon era.. So, where's Frenkie? 😢 please, we need more happy Frenkie footage. 😱

  11. rubenkmkc says


  12. General Akintunde Sodiq says

    Where is Messi? 😒

  13. boxing guy says

    Imagine griezman scoring a hat trick against chelsea😍

  14. Salman Ishaq says

    Barca Barca Barca

  15. yop hello says

    Y los jugadores de rugby??

  16. Grizi17 says

    I can't wait to see Barcelona vs Iniesta's club ☺☺☺. It will be an exciting match ^_^

  17. 이건일 says

    한국이나 오지 ㅠㅠㅠ

  18. Gawas Jit says

    Griezmann ❤😍

  19. Like Gaming says

    Where is Messi ?

  20. Contrata o neymar oferece 80 milhões mais o dembele e o coutinho ou so o coutinho ou so o dembele

  21. Aa3Dr Gam3r says

    go anywhere but dont go to india ..its sux

  22. sodredude dd says

    Where is Messi like seriously he is the best player in the world okay

  23. Wild Cat says

    I always hope for meeting all the players of FCB in person, Japanese cules are very lucky, It's very nice to receive their signature.

  24. 정성원 says

    They don't know history, they are such an Asain Nazi.
    They killed a lot of Korean, Chinese, and other asians.
    But they never apologize to others. FUCKOFF JAPAN

  25. Jono Lono says

    Where shigeo Tokuda 😂

  26. lungibro 7 says

    When their name is Barcelona but not A+arcelona: 😔

  27. AB THE LEGEND says

    I need a signature of AG7

  28. Oscar Juarez says

    Q putas dirán 😂😁

  29. 555 555 says

    สิงโป ก้นักเตะระดับโลกไปเยือน
    จีน ก้นักเตะระดับโลกไปเยือน
    ญี่ปุ่น ก้นักเตะระดับโลกไปเยือน
    ไทย กระชับมิตรกับ T4ลีกพม่า

  30. luana pires neres luabrazil says

    Where is messi ?

  31. Jose Pineda says

    Jajajaja esos japoneses como gritaban griezman jajajaja

  32. rg13dht0xsl says

    I love how committed Griezmann is, this is great to see!

  33. Mohamed Nader says

    When Messi

  34. rok go says

    So handsome guy

  35. Tetecuasvevo says

    Griezmanm :like Messi:comment

  36. Gepetto J‘ai pété says


  37. ARDENS JUNIOR says

    Guys I need only 946 Subscribers pls help me get it this is my channel just click on the picture and Subscribe please guys thanks for our support

  38. ATB Officiel says

    Força barça

  39. El Mago sin magia says

    Pasele pasele taco le pelo y gato alo con caca y miau

  40. Shukri Abdi says

    So happy to see Griezmann finally wearing a Barca shirt, I’m thinking about getting it?

  41. حيدر علي says

    Visca Barsa

  42. Alejandro Zaragoza says

    We need the champions league. 🙅‍♂️

  43. jjustinboy12 says

    Griezmann is a Brooklyn Gangster with that Nets backpack 💯🔥

  44. Elite DoobYT says

    Where’s Messi and Suarez?

  45. Thomas Ma says

    Its kinda annoying. But oh well. 🤓

  46. Luis Manuel Hermida Sevilla says

    Soy yo o al principio del video hay gente gritando “Maincra maincraft”xdxdxd

  47. jeimsBH says

    K bueno eres con las personas espero mucho de ti Griezmann bendiciones

  48. jhoser morales says

    😂😂q locura con esos chinos

  49. Arnaldo Martins says

    Acho que o BARÇA deveria contratar o Douglas Luiz do Manchester City,joga muito e não conseguiu o visto de trabalho na Inglaterra.

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