😱 Sokratis' stunning solo goal! | Behind the scenes ahead of the Liverpool game


The first-team squad have been hard at work at the training ground this week, as we prepare to face Liverpool at Anfield in the Premier League.

Check out the best bits from training, including Sokratis’ superb solo goal.

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Arsenal Football Club were formed in 1886. They have amassed 13 League titles, 13 FA Cups and many other major trophies since then. Their greatest players include: Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Tony Adams, Ian Wright, Robert Pires, Liam Brady, Patrick Vieira, Cliff Bastin and Charlie George.

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  1. XpReSjR says

    Sokratis go for china now or at least france or something…Ur a joke for Premier League!

  2. Akash Guha says

    Let's vote to shorten the pants already!

  3. KuPuteh Puteh says

    Even in training, mustafi cant make single tackle

  4. Simon Dangote says

    This coach don't know how to arrange a time,when he continues for that stupid i Will start hate him, because arsenal live in my heart

  5. Samurai Bass says

    Whys David Luiz wearing Hot Pants?

  6. badmanhhh says

    Mustafi still getting duppied soo many times in a row 😂🤣

  7. deception slayer says

    kalah mulu banyak gaya..

  8. Chigozie Onyeka says

    Who remebers last year is the same score as this year

  9. ruben ben says

    Stupid Mattéo Guendouzi….
    Don't put in 1st division list
    Let them out
    He not mature player 🤬

  10. Shin & Mirembe says

    We lost against liverpool coz of Emery, willock is an armature to start on big games

  11. Yusri Azhari says

    Video latihan aja di upload!!! Giliran maen kaya anak Anjing!!!

  12. Fam a lam 5 says

    Watching this after Matip scored.

  13. Azfa Rinando says

    Please for upload video Arsenal live streaming match everything

  14. Mc Queen says

    Training hard 💪

  15. UK Football says

    how stupid can you be like a boss of this team to give strikes of anothers youtube channels?"Your team I hope to be last place,and on my channel never you will be on….

  16. UK Football says

    you forgot about fairplay….why?Money it"s your king or fairplay?

  17. UK Football says

    Your popularity on youtube was because me and anothers uploaded highlights with you…time after time ,your fa premier league boss give us strikes & blocked after hours of work…shane of you!

  18. UK Football says

    next time will be highlights without your team….stay in your channel just!

  19. UK Football says

    cmon….stuff of this team give us strike on youtube…why they want to be our friends and in fact their bosses act like a pervers?

  20. Chjgfgh Guhtry says

    Pepe is a g that handshake with Emery at the beginning 😂

  21. Sheva The Phenomenal 1 says

    Sokratis is better than Mkhi in shooting

  22. BigManBob •_• says

    This is how many games we will win

  23. Dog- Lover says

    You just cant hate Arsenal even if you are not supporting them , so lovely to watch , great players ..

  24. game over, loser says

    The curve on that pass @ 4:29! The midfield should work on that, that might make for some interesting through passes

  25. Michael Adjei says

    Pepe, Ceballos and Sokratis looked great, not so much Willock, and Torriera looked alright. Those three midfielders should still start tho

  26. Azurly __ says

    In Sokratis we trust in d Luiz we trust In nachos we trust in amn we trust

  27. TheMuzikall says

    Rob Holding😆..Hurry Hurry..💪

  28. Mohammad Zaman says

    We should play sokratis as striker😂😂

  29. BARCELONA 4 EVER says

    who is here before liverpool lose 2:1

  30. Najma Mohazz says

    I am happy to see ozil back

  31. Ashley Yeboah says

    We will beat liverpool

  32. tauno908 says

    whos that gk, number 82?

  33. Joshua Choo says

    Thank God for Willock he's been so good recently and have reduced Arsenal's burden of losing Aaron to Juventus

  34. Radik Arzumanyan says

    Micki bestt

  35. Luke Taylor says

    Mustafi cant even defend in training

  36. Chewy Suarez says

    Just keep the defense tight. Dont let anyone pass please

  37. Hovhannes Shamrikyan says


  38. Lezan Amen says

    O:54 good stuff Mo

  39. S M says

    i cant distinguish david and mateo

  40. Scope DNR says

    This is how many times Unai Emery is going to say “Gud ebening” this season ⬇️

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