TOP 10: Solo Strikes For Chelsea | Chelsea Tops


Olivier Giroud’s solo goal in the FA Cup semi-final v Southampton helped us to reach another FA Cup Final. We take a look back at some other moments of class. Think we missed any? Let us know in the comments below. Subscribe to Chelsea TV

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Founded in 1905, Chelsea Football Club are the current Premier League Champions. In its rich history, Chelsea’s many successes include 8 league titles, 7 FA Cups and 1 Champions League, secured on a memorable night in 2012. Famous Blues include Peter Osgood, Gianfranco Zola, Dennis Wise, John Terry, Frank Lampard & Didier Drogba.


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  1. Soham Sawant says


  2. Soham Sawant says


  3. Soham Sawant says


  4. Soham Sawant says


  5. Meseret Lingerew says

    Hazard should be 1st unless the parameter is the distance they covered while dribbling.

  6. Jonathon H says

    0:57 Robben cuts in from the right and scores.

    Robben: I think I've just found ma thing.

  7. Martinz Cornell says

    Drogba should be number 1

  8. krkiva2 says

    Damn it Zouma, you could have made it up to this list xD.

  9. bargain bob says

    Can erase Morata from Chelsea history that little wank

  10. Superheroes Animacion Extra says

    Where is Robben's goal against Newcastle in FA Cup in extra time ? He is direct,quick , he is star

  11. Rizky Ramadhan says

    If there is another solo strikes list, it must be Zouma vs Ajax no matter what

  12. Cep'_ 77 says

    Hazard vs liverpool

  13. Minh Trần says

    Hazard vs Newcastle 2018????

  14. Veronica Aboh says

    I think Hazard should be first

  15. Guite Lalhmunmawii says

    Great Chelsea team…. Glorious….take me in your Academy only for 1 month ….. I will do everything

  16. Hadi 'Ali says

    What's the backround music?

  17. Stewart Howard says

    I was partly named after Graham Stuart, albeit with a different spelling. Was my Dad’s way of sneaking a bit Chels in.

  18. Charlie Duncs says

    I didn't see Robben's solo goal against Fulham and everton

  19. Kelvin says

    hazard goal against west ham will be on the list for years to come

  20. MultiSapMan says

    No Diego Costa vs West Brom. No Didier Drogba in the list. Hmm. Cool cool cool cool cool. No doubt. No doubt.

  21. Siyabonga Mpungose says

    Arjen Robben, cutting in since day one

  22. Heru Prasetyo says

    Zola 🥰

  23. king mohamed says

    Hazard vs West harm, tomori vs wolves??

  24. Negeri sembilan warna says

    Indonesia like this

  25. Nati Junior says

    Where is hazard's goal against Liverpool FA Cup

  26. Anandito Cakra Dwipa says

    Hazard DRIBBLED past MANY defenders… Should've been #1

  27. Philoza Nyambok says

    Southampton vs Chelsea last game

  28. Morning Star says

    I love Joe Cole

  29. Goberr says


  30. festus nketsia says

    Hazard is the real definition of solo goals

  31. Rob Trew says

    What about the hazard goal against Liverpool in the league cup??? That should be no 1! And it’s not even there

  32. Liam Jack says

    This needs updated with Hazard vs West Ham last season.

  33. Shamil Rasheed says

    Joe cole

  34. dillanma says

    where is John Spencers goal?

  35. Real Chestro says



  36. Jree says

    Hazard ,😍

  37. Bung Duwel says

    hazard vs liverpool ?????

  38. THE KOC.A says

    Any goals that wins the title.shud be in here. Wheres lampard goal for the league title?

  39. spaghettGREATJOB says

    Lovely surprise to see Ramires on here! Honorable mention goal should be Hazard's effort against West Ham last season. That was unreal.

  40. 인엽 says

    Hazard vs West Ham 👍👍

  41. Rumah Campoes says

    Today, there will be 4 hazard's goals in this top 10

  42. Aidos Aidos says


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