The Abandoned "Pimp My Ride" van was my craziest car purchase ever


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When Tavarish ( found an ex-Pimp My Ride Dodge Caravan he knew it would make the perfect Christmas present for another famous YouTuber.

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  1. ItsMàam PubgMobile says

    Lmao of course it was located in Rhode Island.

  2. Charles Bronson says

    Id take the van over any of the trash European cars 😂… Id just LS swap it …. 😂

  3. rambo4war says

    Let’s milk this van for everything that it’s worth…..

  4. Riding With The Reid's says

    Who would have thought….you gonna rebuild another "pimp my ride" whip or what Tavarish?

  5. A Crustacean says

    Oh that's what happened to the vroombox.

  6. Troy Burtwell says

    Say what you want about Pimp My Ride today but when this show was new it was the coolest show ever.

  7. peter watkins says

    Where would tavarish be without Jared when it comes to all out whacy ideas

  8. Fisherman978 says

    This guy saw tavarish view count and had to scheme on the van too

  9. Shekhar Moona says

    Vroom box is going to be coming back in electric cars.

  10. killerdinamo08 says

    Wow, that's a sexy short zoll license plate :O.

  11. Raymond De La Torre says

    God damn this foo needs a haircut

  12. Catalin Stetco says

    I want a burago version of this van.

  13. Mark Carrasca says

    Putting a wrap on the car would make it look normal.

  14. Shawn Hasenbalg says

    I can't believe through this whole process I haven't heard one time,…
    Yo I heard you like monitors, so I got you a monitor for your monitor on your monitor

  15. E39 For Life says

    Will you just STFU with the stupid wallet ad at the end

  16. Oh yeah Mr.crabs says

    ITS 2020 NOW

  17. dempsej says

    I love how Tavarish hidden license plate details in his videos, but here they are perfectly clear in this video 😉

  18. DJ D-Rex says

    I didn't get why you gave it to someone that clearly has money. Dude had a truck and Ferrari. Not to mention the big house.

  19. Jay Farley says

    Bro I live in Kansas I would love to see this van in person

  20. Stealth says

    New Show – Repimp That Ride

  21. TheStuffz says

    who else gonna look up the original pimp my ride episode now?

  22. Nick D says

    Would you have YOUR kid sit on the faded denim seats with a bunch of questionable stains and who knows WHAT kind of mold growing in it because "the seals weren't great"? It was a very nice gift, but the first thing I'd do if Freddie gave that to me would be to rip out the entire interior and replace it with plain vinyl upholstery. I don't want to have to explain to the pediatrician why I'm bringing in my kids with a strange unexplained rash.

  23. usman says

    I just realized you saw a roach in the car on one of the episodes. Won’t that be a lingering issue with this vehicle?

  24. Dan B. says

    Did you set fire to the denim first before you gave it to him ?

  25. Jesse says

    Go Tavarish with the mega views!

  26. TinKnocka420 says

    999k Subscribers! Are you gonna be the big 1 millionth subscriber!?

  27. Jared Smith says

    Best story…give away ever.

  28. justin gray says

    The scheduling of these types of shows are really fucked up. The get high-level talent to build the vehicles then only give them tiny amount of time, but because they are master craftspeople the feel honor-bound to do the work perfectly at the very real cost of their own sanity. Good quality work takes time. It kinda pisses me off. It is good that Tavarish is shedding light on the quality of work despite rumors.

  29. Möebius 2k says

    Remember that one PMR episode when the guys put flame throwers on one of the cars and when the boss saw it he made them remove it. Loved that show.

  30. Mark Finnigan says

    Classic stitch up Freddie

  31. John Thompson says

    Almost to a million!!!


    With the denim issue you can easily just died the denim a darker colour and it'll make the stains disappear and yes you can dye the denim without having to take it all apart

  33. Mike says

    Damn that blonde chick was beautiful

  34. ghogue61 says

    I can't wait til Tyler rolls into the Car Wizard with the van.

  35. Dusty Rusty says

    I truly enjoy Freddie Tavarish's project videos and his tale telling ability. I have been a viewer of VINwiki's since its inception (+/-)…and it just gets better and better. I hope you guys get to over a million subs by the end of February 2020. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  36. Shawn Llewellyn says

    My Dad once owned a gremlin by AMC and it had factory denim interior. It was badged with levy logos as well and all factory.

  37. Rusty Balloon Knot says

    You can’t polish a turd

  38. Ricci420420 says

    That quick he's already on here he just started the project like 2 days ago but it is pretty cool

  39. BatCaveOz says

    Not ordinarily a big Tavarish fan… Liked this a lot… Liked the donation to the hooptie fleet big time.

  40. Wesley Larson says


  41. Beto El Manco says

    We want this kind of cars and modifications , no more boring supercars and exotics.

  42. John Malone says

    If you want to be a playa…

  43. Alister Rebello says

    Abandoned pimp my ride van owner: I'll sell you this piece of junk for $850
    Tavarish: alright cool (proceeds to make a youtube video that went #1 on trending and tavarish made a lot of $$$)
    Abandoned pimp my ride van owner: FUC*******………………. 🙁

  44. Sean Wieland says

    Hoovie is actually Gus Fring, laundering his drug money through his restaurants. 😅

  45. Phaedra says

    Why publish this before you have the gift-giving reveal?! 🙁

  46. Jason Cole says

    Probably should have built a van before a Lambo

  47. Matt S says

    Worst autotempest commercial ever.

  48. Joe Stacks says

    oh im sure his neighbors already think he is selling drugs.

  49. Gieljan Noe says

    Between work, doing green screen stuff.

  50. Taelor Watson says

    Someone forgot about a few things like:

    The Fiero with a Lamborghini body kit
    Hoovies barbecued Ferrari. hoovies Russian Bentley

    no sir that minivan was it your mouth crazy purchase

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