Sheffield Utd 1-0 Arsenal | We're Paying £350k For Ozil Just To Play Fortnite! (DT)


Sheffield Utd 1-0 Arsenal | We’re Paying £350k For Ozil Just To Play Fortnite! (DT)


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  1. becca voyer says

    I’m a united fan but ye are fecked

  2. Michael Adams says

    I love watching this channel after arsenal loses

  3. stunninglad1 says

    It's the worst Arsenal team I can remember. It has all went tits up for Emery and it's time for a new manager. I don't see a change in fortunes with Emery at the helm. A lot activity in the transfer widow in January is also a must.


    wait lol they really have an away intro , mic , and screen tags! lol im weak 😂

  5. Naheem Essop says

    Jose In!

  6. Ian Thompson says

    Poor Arsenal fans… Chrissy does his magic again!

  7. Xaitozz 2980 says

    1 rant a game keeps the trophies away

  8. nathan brown says

    Think they starting to realize it wasn't wenger just the way club is run hangover from the invincible season

  9. Evan620 says

    If Arsenal play style is boring, look at Chelsea last season

  10. Jason Sender says

    I mean the fact that arsenal fans are so quiet doesn’t help your away form lads

  11. Paul Scott says

    Goons blew it and yes the Manager as to answer.

  12. Hot Rockin' says

    Ozil the ugliest man alive👯‍♀️⚽️

  13. Jonathan Murray says

    We need to stop letting in so many goals 15 goals for and 14 against compare that to the teams above us with between only 1 or 2 games lost and 8 to 9 goals against with the exception of Chelsea. He is right it's not good enough and he is also right about teams looking at us and instead of being afraid to play against us they are thinking the exact opposite.

  14. Adam B says

    Surprised he didnt blame shawcross !

  15. Adam B says

    Always mentions stoke…he is obsessed😂

  16. Ik Adjaero says

    nah the comedy on this channel and in the comments is just undefeated LOL

  17. Rootangent says

    We should have never sold Aaron Ramsey.

  18. ChasedPuppet says

    Arsenal players are just not good enough. How many of them are able to start for City or Liverpool.

  19. roouit patan says

    DT’s wife’s unbeaten run coming to an end…

  20. Amit says

    Last year in the run in when we were trying to get into top 4 — we lost to Everton, Palace, Wolve and drew to Brighton. OZIL STARTED EACH GAME!!!!!

  21. Un Out says

    DT Is a fatty

  22. Sunny Farid says

    Arsenal has become the punching bag of the priemier league. Bad purchases, bad coaching staff but most importantly bad decisions

  23. Jason Willhide says

    😢 😢 😢 😢 lol

  24. The Algerian Tank says

    Yeah, I know where to go whenever Arsenal loses.

  25. ALIBI APPLE says

    Agent Luiz is doing well after being handed the baton from agent Cech.

  26. CutlerTheCourageous says

    So entertaining watching these guys nearly cry over how terrible there team is 😂😂 should just support Chelsea boys the best team in London who win a trophy pretty much every year.

  27. Robert Came says

    Your shit and you know you are.cone to the bridge and we'll play our youngsters

  28. like my comments says


  29. Tricky Rikki says

    Banter FC back again!!!

  30. Ethan Bowes says


  31. Rich Shackleton says

    Arsenal are bollocks. Come support Chelsea

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