Sheffield United vs Liverpool | Wijnaldum volley wins it for the Reds


A Gini Wijnaldum volley edged the Reds past Sheffield United at Bramall Lane.

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  1. Radai Basumatary says

    1:07 as soon as goal hit the line two of their player instantly died

  2. Mr XYZ says

    The only comment in November 2019 in this video so far

  3. Sasori Man says

    How do I get this The New fabinho Balance Liverpool 3rd kit ?

  4. Koz n4 says

    8'900th like from me lol

  5. BEN潘智烽 says

    The goal got in as it was from Origi's cross

  6. Lerom Music says

    Rip M.Salah 2018 – 2019

  7. Sukirman Wicaksono says

    3m …….
    Highlight 1:45 menit 🤔😪

  8. Jhoe Bwier Music says

    I follow this team form cuba 🇨🇺

  9. inker inker says


  10. Dzaky W. says

    Entire game Sheffield fans "booo" Jordan Henderson everytime he got the ball. Then their gk "Henderson" got blunder to win us the game. Hope they learn if u want to chant or shout make it ur own player. instead of insult another player from other team

  11. itl _ says

    Sheffield play easy football 👌

  12. sunza บ้าบอล says

    What the luck of liverpool
    But what is matter is 3 point come on liverpool you can do better than this

  13. Lally Ray says

    Am Liverpool fan but hv to credit Sheffield keeper he did great job DAT one on one with salah was hectic

  14. Jordbeef says


    Jürgen at halftime: 🏃‍♂️

  15. Nuno Cancela says

    From Portugal, Liverpool os my team. With love guys.

  16. LFC 77 says

    Liverpool scrapping wins, scoring few goals. I predict that City will be top of the table by December, if not earlier.

  17. Ewo's channel says

    Ayo,,liverpool harus juara musim ini..

  18. Abhi2esd Abhi says

    Liverpool you will are losers yes or not comment me

  19. Johnny Hansen says

    In peado England Liverpool . They dont care for children. Gromming gang.. they only care for fotball shame om peado England Liverpool.

  20. football freestyle says

    Việt Nam

  21. Rico says

    poor finishing by Salah and Mane, superb performance by Van Dijk, good goalkeeping by Adrian and very unselfish play as usual by Firmino

  22. The Motherfucker says

    Salah's refuse to make a goal😀😀
    I like this guy for real😀

    Remind me to a Torres.

  23. budi aryadi says

    same time against opponents napoli, if only the opportunity to score a goal is not wasted I'm sure we would win a landslide victory … I'm very very sure of that

  24. Loll Ahmed says

    thought we would stuff these ,hats off to Sheffield United total respect

  25. budi aryadi says

    liverpool as I know it if there is the slightest chance of scoring a goal, but why is a golden opportunity so wasted … I don't understand

  26. Ahmed Juber says

    That match was played on my birthday

  27. Мухамед нур says

    Hello everyone. I am a beginner blogger. Please look at my video.

  28. Rj Shuvro says

    Liverpool sucks
    FCB rocks.

    Plz like

  29. Josh Heathcote says

    As a true Sheffield Utd a fan I feel disgusted watching such a blatantly fabricated video. Anyone who actually watches the game would be aware of the actual result, it’s horrible watching Liverpool disgrace the club by posting propaganda. APPALLING!

  30. yesdup trebor says

    Whoever keeps doing these highlights packages is clueless. Often when LFC have dominated a game it seems like it was a very 50:50 affair. Obviously Saturday was different and the chance when Robertson blocks from Fleck then VVD blocks the next effort was the pivotal moment in the game – it's not even shown here.

  31. Iteba Dickson says

    I love how Firmino starts celebrating before the goal

  32. 오상현 says

    Liverpool are great but today's game was a bit disappointing. If Salah and Mane's form doesn't come up again, they'll be caught by Man City.

    Pirmin is still huge

  33. Mateo Sabino says

    go blades

  34. Jimmy Page says

    Never seen such a lucky team as this lot, hopefully it will run out soon. Jammy gets.

  35. Michael Moti says

    if you are a liverpool fan and happy how manchester united has fallen,make sure you give me a subscribe because we never walk alone


    1. Origi changed the game.

  37. Andi Saifullah says

    Dont know what happen to salah .. 1 to 1 and a miss ..

  38. - LucasDavid - says

    o Tite não sabe aproveitar o Firmino, é o top 5 Centro Avante, do muno hoje.

  39. y1521t21b5 says

    Rare to see Mané and Salah spurning sitters in a game where we don't have a goals cushion. Keep winning, Redmen! YNWA

  40. Ruy Sá says

    Put the camera on the goal

  41. Ned Robinson says

    Getting all 3 points in a game like are where titles are won and lost. These extra 2 points will matter a lot come May; we all know they will…

  42. rafenda arzena says

    Sheffield better than man u*d

  43. Mo Salah says

    We need saleh gomaa in the team

  44. Brovhen Akimi says

    Salah and Mane failed Liverpool this time. It is lucky that Shefield Keeper make a mistake. If not, it would be 0-0. They really need to be sharp as always.

  45. Rafael Conrado Pedrozo says

    Que frangaço

  46. gsd1504 says

    You need to have a strong heart to be a Liverpool fan.

  47. Ricci Choi says

    Karius to Dean Henderson: I know that feel bro

  48. Magic Mike says

    Jammy lucky boring scouse shits
    1 goal luck but BEWARE of being kicked out of the CARABOU CUP bkoz you are cheating scouse bastards

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