1. romansoldier1981 says

    rory is an absolute wanker, knows nothing about CFC

  2. Jordan Holmes says

    Son’s crying 😂😂


    Please let me know why are looking to compare Frank to Jose,one is the future the other history.

  4. Stephen Bristow says

    Hugh and Rory both cheering lol love it shows you arsenal side with Chelsea over the spurs

  5. A N says

    Who liked Rory until last season when he was a prick and likes him again?

  6. James says

    Couldn’t have been a red card because they changed the rules so you don’t get a red card and concede a pen

  7. Creees says

    So unfair when Mourinho has the wordt keeper in premier league history. Thanks pochetinho

  8. Rayyerishnan Rayyer says

    The fact that he predicted That Jose will use this as a excuse to cover ip how bad spurs were

  9. Ganga Hypebeast Gang says

    I prefer Alex over the man city fan
    if Sheikh Mansour didn't takeover man city, he wouldn't be a man city fan (or at least a cocky one)
    the man city fan's just a cocky glory hunter

  10. ade2035 says

    Rory you are right about Willian. He makes wrong decisions most of the time and Lampard is in the best position to help him with this.. Lampard's good decision helped Chelsea to win and get a draw against Barcelona in 2012. Guys go rewatch how Lampard's right decision making helped Chelsea in both matches.

  11. DjoG says

    Can I just say mup Sheffield. Like what absolute ballers stroll into the premier league and challenge the top 4 right away

  12. Cody Garth says

    city fan is a gimp

  13. Drift King says

    As the city fan said “Chelsea definitely getting smashed by Tottenham” 😂as you was saying clown of a football fan

  14. Charlie Paling says

    I’m not hating Rory being here anymore, but pls get rid of alex

  15. sri adithyaa says

    VAR is sponsored by Verizon when they show the PL coverage in the US

  16. MrAlfieHD says

    Can’t be a pen and a red card now unfortunately:(

  17. Dan H says

    Double sanction means you can’t get a red and a penalty surely??? Idk if it applies to keepers

  18. joe watson says

    rory i love you and all that but chelsea's top 4 rivals are sheff united pal dem blades are coming x x x

  19. Why Watchme says

    Watching that Rory guy celebrate a goal almost made me wanna stop watching football. He’s an insufferable child.

  20. Sadnan Mamun says

    My God people watch this drivel

  21. Joe Morris says

    Frank 2-0 Jose

  22. Mr. Brightside says

    Thankyou for the absence of dat man city fan

  23. Yer Da says

    Put some respect on Derby. Lampard beat mourinho over a year before this

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