HIGHLIGHTS – Liverpool 4-1 Norwich City


All of the action from City’s opening Premier League encounter with Liverpool at Anfield.

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  1. Juventus Fan says

    u guys nerver got a trophy lier

  2. shelley steele says

    i hope their manger screamed at them like a mad man

  3. Fringe the Third says

    Wish pukki came to Liverpool for shitty firmino

  4. Football Dude says

    You are so lucky to have such a great commentator so lucky. Wish We (Reading Fc) had him

  5. Jaye Coubrough says



  6. Yyuu Uyuh says
  7. S Lowe says

    Liverpool is my heart my life my soul my family LFC 1892

  8. Garf316 says


  9. bong nie says

    Norwich play not bad

  10. Jonne P-K says

    Where have this Norwich gone for the last 7 games?? No more creative play in the midfield, no more suprising passes to get through… Still hoping we get our packet working! Relegation propably coming

  11. TimeOn! says

    Halo, tu Pat.
    Nie to ja jestem pat

  12. DAWN says

    Liverpool fan here I hope Norwich do well they’ve always deserved it good luck

  13. hercjulio says

    Bobby Firmino world class ⚽💓

  14. ardy nurdin iyalalala says

    Ilove you liver pol indonesia

  15. Sans Rage says

    Can Liverpool be the next team to make the premier league without losing or drawing

  16. Sidharth Singh says

    Supported Norwich from way before their relegation !! We is gonna kill this season ! the losses will just make the team better !!

  17. miss anita says

    epl hinglight

  18. asaf saruusi says
  19. Rahman Dani Prastya says

    I'm here after you beat City, good luck Norwich #LiverpoolFans #Indonesia

  20. Hristo Dyulgerov says

    Pukki is really good , yea .. but look number 17 … amazing player

  21. hitnail halfway says

    After Norwich beat Man City.

  22. Ahmad Nasran says

    And today, norwich beat city 🙂

  23. Ivan Hasudungan says

    it is funny see norwich use aerial defence when liverpool superior in direct pass

  24. Michael Vega says

    Look Out Premier League! Liverpool looking awesome on offense in 2019-2020.

  25. Leo S says

    Pukki is better than Lukaku

  26. Christopherymush says

    Did anyone notice the other commentator in the backround? sounded like he worked for Liverpool. lol

  27. 👏👏👏

  28. Lameck Amuko says

    So this time Norwich will see relegation at the 18 yard line

  29. Martial Matters says

    5:52 this pass is absolute filth

  30. Red Heart says

    Pukki is class he gonna scores at least 20 goals this season.
    LFC fan here.

  31. Trav M says

    Man u fan here , you guys will do well this season.

  32. Robin Göransson says

    Pukki very dangerous striker


  33. Callum Moloney says

    Norwich are looking strong this season, for sure they’ll do well

  34. Ali Brittain says

    U tried us sorry lads

  35. Leonard mukuka says


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