Granit Xhaka should be thankful he's playing for Arsenal – Craig Burley | Premier League


Steve Nicol and Craig Burley dive into Arsenal’s 2-2 draw with Crystal Palace with the latter saying Granit Xhaka is out of his depth in Arsenal’s midfield and shouldn’t be wearing the captain’s armband. Nicol feels Xhaka being substituted in consecutive games shows ‘there’s no captain at Arsenal’ and both think manager Unai Emery should be concerned about his job.


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  1. Nikola Borkovic says

    Look at the guys who commentaries,

  2. Cristián Silva says

    A player should never be booed by his own fans, unless it's because of an evident lack of effort and sacrifice. And that's not Xhaka's case, he is just a bad player, and it's the manager's fault to put him on the pitch before Torreira.

  3. h i says

    Burley can suck it.

  4. Olisiano says

    The opposite! Without Xhaka, Arsenal is lost!

  5. FloMsI says

    Why don’t they give Juventus Xhaka and Take Ramsey back ?

  6. odirile mathe says

    No matter how bad a player performs you cannot booh your own player……

  7. odirile mathe says

    Lol tf captains get off everytime what are u sayin

  8. Ryan Stackpole says


  9. Elion Kilos says

    Arsenal should be thankful to have him, there team is garbage

  10. el zero says

    He’s been receiving death threats, his wife was harassed and now he is being booed by the fans

    And you just expect him to act normal? The fans should be the ones apologising , u guys are a disgrace

  11. Steve Martin says

    I have no problem with players having a go back, supporters can shout and abuse players all through the game, but if a player dares to have a go back, the fans get all self righteous, its just a game and why do people get so upset over a being called a few names,

  12. Thak says

    Not everyone is as mediocre as a player you were Burley. I am sure the guy has lot of suitors who are actually playing for CL teams also willing to put him in his preferred position.

  13. Aji Saputra-Nii says

    This club is messed up, what do you expect from booing your own player, miracle or instant trophies? No..

  14. jessilicious243 says

    He did the same with Thiago Silva at PSG

  15. pacer451 - says

    Gareth Bale dreams of doing this

  16. Rikki Neco says

    Unery is the only manager that divides his own football team. Unery has to go

  17. Hoxha Durrsim says

    You guys should be thankful to his actions cause he gave you a job !!!
    Thankful for what ? All the boooing fans ? All the death threats that he has been getting? His wife being harassed?
    You people are so delusional !!!

  18. The Macrobian Nomad says

    Henderson was literally subbed off against Manchester United when Liverpool was trailing

  19. GEMSTAR C says

    Xhaka is not good enough, Emery not good enough

  20. Arsenal 2dworld says

    Don't forget Arsenal did push on for the winner and got it but VAR strikes again!

  21. mixio hili says

    Does anyone realize how much Ramsey is missed at this club?

  22. Mo Morris says

    No one should be thankful for playing for a middle of the road club on a downward path.

  23. SZEAG says

    Arsenal fans are garbage

  24. Miri May says

    Arsenal football club needs new owner not owners. I am glad Chelsea got Roman 🤣🤣🤣

  25. mushthaq ahammed says

    Cupping and waving was because of provocation from fans not because he's foolish. Okk dumb BBC

  26. Master Oogway says

    Thankful for getting abused? Thankful for getting death threats? Thankful for your pregnant wife getting death threats? Sure. He should be very thankful then. Sod off

  27. Billy Hicks says

    Not good enough and he’s never been good enough. However, EMERY , is at fault here and should never have made him Captain .

    Arsenal fans have been VERY patient with Xhaka . 4 years at the club and he’s at best AVERAGE .

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