Fatal car accident at Lucky Plaza


Two people died and four other pedestrians were injured after an accident involving a car at Lucky Plaza shopping centre on Sunday afternoon (Dec 29). 

A 64-year-old male driver was arrested for dangerous driving causing death:

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  1. Brandon Johnson says

    I don't think I will picnic on the pavement in Singapore. Too scary.

  2. waldo19781 says

    I'll be praying for you guys. Sorry for your loss. Condolences out to all the families affected.

  3. Rhoda Albano says

    The driver should go to jail

  4. Haru Hari says

    The driver must be driving very fast and he might be talking on his hand phone.

  5. Ainsley Goodguy says

    People in the crowd:Omg Record faster

    People that are helping:….

  6. Ganesh Angannan says

    Guys.. plz stop commenting "rest in peace" in social media and youtube…… juz pray for them 1 min…

  7. Nora K.I.L says

    A lot of insensitive comments that are frankly, unnecessary. Singapore is considered first world so our behaviour should be as well. RIP to those who have lost their lives.

  8. Pearlity says

    Rest in peace..

  9. Rein Pinebook says

    tama na plastikan. diretsuhin niyo nang ayaw niyo sa amin.

  10. CHaOS FrozenIceBladez says

    Why were they having a picnic beside the railings in the middle of the street. If I'm not wrong they should be doing it at a park or something not at the roads sidewalk.

  11. JJYシャドー says

    stupid driver

  12. k k says

    How many people commenting actually give a damn?

  13. Eric Tan says

    We have to pray, be at peace and be ready at all times. Death can come at any time. It can be by heart attack, car accident, by terrorists.

  14. CHEW Daya says


  15. anavyu says

    As a Filipino myself, this saddens my heart, as the dead from the incident may rest in peace as the others go through well recovery.

  16. Chua K.C says

    Gov should publish how many phv accident in a year? and how many are fatal? If is a huge number then they must study what is the root cause and try to prevent it from happening.if not this will not be the end,something will happen again,life will be lost. Grab should not allow driver to accept call if the car is moving cos it will make driver lose concentration on the road .if there is no solution then phv should be ban to avoid people being kill or injure. That is my veiw .

  17. forgetmepls says

    He could not retire, who to blame?

  18. Sindy Tan says

    Rest In Peace for those 2 women 😩😭and deepest condolences to the family. Speedy Recovery for those who were injured 🤗😟

  19. sk8terboibtw says

    What if just what if theres going to be pmd users commenting on this video "this is why banning cars would be a greater choice" like what if tho just what if

  20. Iwin Lee says

    Rest in peace for the deceased victims… and wish speedy recovery for the injured victims…
    Unlucky event at Lucky Plaza…

  21. Phili Ppines says

    What happened?

  22. Muhammed Arafad says

    So sad, The driver made an illegal U-turn

  23. Papa Roti says

    Might me another Katie Maree Roberts case by our swine joey courts.

  24. Eti Suryati says

    So sad

  25. Jammy Jen says

    Omg my maid says she was there😮

  26. Anime _Fan123 says

    Ain't it ironic on where is Crashed??

    Also press F to pay respect

  27. Fabian Chan says


  28. yester568 says


  29. Esty Sg says

    Rest in peace 🙏🙏🙏

  30. Winter Action says

    Noooooooo 29 was my birthday why is that happening that day

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