1. Kat Rose says

    ive been watching both nigel and william for like 2+ years so this video is truly a blessing

  2. Jinny Marie says

    Why did Ernst start hanging out with the smart kids??

  3. Ayyoli says

    Why was I unsubscribed to the second channel wtf

  4. 7 Subs With No Videos says

    560th comment

    Btw great vid

  5. Elliot Nikols says

    Realizes he doesn't die

  6. INFERNOmunky says

    WileGreen. That was great.

  7. Paul Hofreiter says

    More Nile, I mean Nigel on your channel please

  8. Maddie says

    But… the pineal gland is in the brain. And is calcified in most adults for no meaningful reason.

  9. LDean987 says

    Oh no

  10. Benjamin B. Box says

    Nile looks like Gilbert Gottfried

  11. gantz4u says

    This Alex guy dropping the dime on flouride. Bring back that guy. I like that guy.

  12. Nikki Mu says


  13. Christian Ward says

    0:14 dude looks like Gilbert Gottfried

  14. Matthew Bogers says

    Can William stop being friends with every youtuber I wanna meet

  15. Pørter says

    Water tasted like water from Flint Michigan

  16. gromann says

    Can you tell Peter he needs to get back to making videos? Kthx

  17. Morgo the Gayest says

    Me slightly mindfucked because I wasn't expecting to see Alex fucking Ernst. Last time I saw him was two summers ago when I was going through a phase of binging David Dobrik videos.

  18. ren says

    why am i just now noticing all my subscriptions all like, friends lol.

    theyre all friends and i have none qmq

  19. Wheat Harvester says

    Overpriced hard shiny rock flavor

  20. Water Under The Bridge says

    1:56 I feel like that’s not where the pineal gland is supposed to be… also I really don’t think a muscle chart will show you where the pineal gland is (assuming I actually understood him correctly)

  21. KingOfGames says

    All Lacroix tastes like dirt

  22. KingOfGames says

    Carbonated water is not regular water. It is swamp juice.

  23. Julia Santell says

    aw Nigel!! Such a wholesome video

  24. CaptainTinTyrant says

    The closest we'll ever get to drinking Blue Diamond's bath water.

  25. Engel says

    sell this stuff to most of the people in LA and they will buy thousands

  26. Nnenna Vincent says

    In your faces rich people!!!

  27. Joshua Salles says

    yay i love NileRed/Blue

  28. DVTye says

    >the right amount of bubbles, the wrong amount of taste…

    Yep my problem with replacing soda with carbonated water, at least I won't get diabetus

  29. Dark H. says

    Sell it for $100 per bottle to rich dicks

  30. Shiber drill says

    Just three guys snorting carbonation

  31. f trouvé says

    yay best crossover yet!

  32. Parable Paradox says

    Hes trying so hard to die by eating its not even funny

  33. Loli4lyf says

    sorry i only drink water made from a specific substance called H2O

  34. Some person says

    ahh yes. LaCrocs

  35. Trav Pots says

    Good job

  36. Obama Prism says

    nice vending machine

  37. cypherusuh says

    All this time, I thought he's just random bloke who somehow becomes Will's neighbors

    I never knew he's actually Nile Red
    Did their circle basically the covert big brain energy?

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