Unai Emery reacts to his Arsenal side being booed off after draw with Southampton | Post Match


Arsenal boss Unai Emery says he understands the supporters expressing their dissatisfaction following his side’s 2-2 draw at home to Southampton.

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  1. Crypto Man says

    His english here improved compared to his previous interviews.. he improved tactically.. he tried but unfortunately fans still aren't pleased

  2. Ravi Rajulu says

    What I really think…….He should come to India 🇮🇳 …… We really take English very seriously…. Seriously…….For sure he will get the accent and all words right……correct……..

  3. Aditya Ghosh says

    Whoever can interpret what Emery said in 2:05 gets my bank account pin

  4. Dean Ambrose says

    Gosh he looks so broken I can't even think about laughing at him, wish you the best unai and appreciate your efforts, thank you.

  5. Willy C. says

    0:13 mission completed

  6. Iron Fist 69 says

    “Relee, Relee

  7. Masimba E. Mwadiwa says

    0:09 wating to let it out

    0:13 takes a breath after

  8. Burhan Ali says

    Respect to emery english is not his first language and he learnt quite quick points for effort.

  9. Talal Alwisabi says

    good ebening
    like if emery deserves the sack

  10. Vi _XXiV says

    And this was his last interview

  11. Zakir Feysal says
  12. Ben Richards says

    Good bye…

  13. Hinsarmu Koji says

    good ebening . The player attitude is good. Only 20 minutes we were not good enough. What a poor English you were spoke deadwood the former Arsenal Manager UNAI EMERY ?

  14. Obasi legend says

    Is gibene us to ineprof 😂😂his English is a poison

  15. Brian Clarke says

    Reporter: "Unai good evening, but it hasn't been a good evening has it?" Unai: "Good Evening" 🤣🤣🤣

  16. Alvin Agolla says

    And y’all said you wanted wenger out lmaooo this guy bigger joke than Barca’s coach

  17. Amer Musa Amer says

    2:42 he can't listen carefully.

  18. greenguy 358 says

    I feel sorry for emery he truly cares about arsenal and tries to play

  19. Erick Juma says

    Am shocked that The fans booed the players. Arsenal fans are not being honest. The team is not competitive, the team as currently constituted cannot present a better performance. Lower your expectations till the club buys players who have the desire to win

  20. Teethrabbit YT says

    They are tired he says they are getting paid over 50k a week to be fit and play good Footbsll

  21. aa miw1999 says

    Everybody mocking Emery's "Gud Ebening" but today, HE ACTUALLY SAID GOOD EVENING.

  22. Omega Fire says

    You time will soon come to an end

  23. Jack Guerra says

    I love this guy

  24. Haljordan4life says

    I feel bad for him though. He doesn’t seem a bad guy and he should leave as it is just not working at Arsenal.

  25. Swalik Swaley says

    Starting to feel sorry for him,the board is prolonging his suffering,pull the plug already and the man gets his sabbatical.

  26. Jackuu lhous says

    Rally rally good ebenin.

  27. Fullmetal Alkami says

    The way Arsenal fans are treating this guy is appalling. When he was winning you would have thought he was the 2nd coming of Jesus and now he is booed everytime he moves. Arsenal fans need to realise the toxic environment for the players and manager is completely created by their own toxicity- booing your own players and staff every game is craziness

  28. A says

    why tf cant emery just answer the questions he's being asked. This coach is a fraud

  29. Sam Mounsey-Doran says

    I trust Emery

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