1. Wieslaw Sobocinski says

    Suarez is the best

  2. Wieslaw Sobocinski says

    Slavia :Praga 1- 2 Barca

  3. Lika Hakani Hakani says

    Griezmann you are my idol, I love you so much !! <3

  4. S1 says

    Sarah loves messi😂😂

  5. Oliver Alvarez says

    Bolivia libre

  6. barca messi says

    I want xavi coach

  7. Jardys 8 says

    🗽Freedom for Catalan!👍


    semedo.ter stegen.messi are the best players

  9. كره القدم says


  10. Yiorgi Tm says

    valverde out urge

  11. Jostin Aymar Infante Rojas says

    Valverde out

  12. Paddy Harper says

    Im a mini messi

  13. JoseGoFaster says

    This is lame Show the game

  14. The Football Stars says


  15. Callum Neill says

    Barcelona have never been able to defend well, that's why they developed the philosophy of "take the ball, pass the ball". Scoring more goals should be the only mentality not Parking the bus after the 3rd minute. Griezman is a fucking letdown and Valverde needs to stop being such a stick in the mud grump and motivate his team to play with fluidity. We can't rely on Messi to pull us out of the fire in every game (even though he rarely let's us down)

  16. Mustapha Bentahere says

    Messi with his right ?? Are you sure?

  17. nikdo a nikdy says


  18. M A Nezam Uddin says

    velverde out. if he still barca couch barca all player loss their love to football

  19. Mulugeta Kflom says

    Valvarde out !

  20. Adam Tichý says

    Barca is bad

  21. Gerry Martinez says

    Asi no vamos a llegar ni a la final de la champions, Fuera Valverde.

  22. Mohamad Mohamad says

    Always BARCA won and Ibraver this club

  23. michael gouete says

    barca toujour

  24. Go out
    Help coman

  25. John Sade says

    Am Barcelona fan

  26. John Sade says

    Fuck Barcelona and Valverde

  27. Dark Picture Studio says

    Valvardeout….u are total shit….fk you n the board 💩💩💩

  28. Mr Pipo says

    We played like fc Bruge.We ll finish like Milan and Man utd

  29. noa fagnot says

    slt barcelona

  30. Iam theMrChang says

    Imagine Barca vs. man city or Liverpool in the ko rounds! Barca will loose 5:0 against them with this trainer!!! Valverde out!!!!!!!!!! You destroy the club that I love!

  31. Alfin Setya says

    Leo Messi is the best…..

  32. Alfin Setya says

    INDO BARCA slalu hadir…….

  33. Sergio Thor says

    Fuck valverde

  34. 〉[K]alypso[X]〈 says

    Nobita HDP hasta cuando vas a tener a ese técnico mediocre, cada vez que veo al barcelona jugar, solo veo un equipo con miedo, que no puede resolver contra equipos que no están ni a la altura de la envergadura del club.

    Gracias por joder al FCBarcelona

  35. Tutoriály CZ says

    Valverde out!

  36. Jefin Yacob says

    Believe me when i say Barca is one of the worst teams in CL this season…the only reason we are winning is bcoz of luck…against a strong opposition we are going to get humiliated…VALVERDE OUT…GOD save Barca…

  37. L Lam says

    Valverde out

  38. Natalia Dethan says

    Força Bàrça ❤

  39. Tlustej Dejvis says


  40. nikin chitrakar says

    WTF is this shit team playing at????? Is this really Barca?? Is this how we play now by parking the bus?? BS team play BS coach.

  41. MarcoPlays YT says

    I understand piqué has been in bad shape, but give him a chance, we all know how good he can be

  42. Eldher Meneses says

    Mierda de partido

  43. Sana Salim says

    Valverde out

  44. Huy Doan says

    What a shit performance. This is the reason Barca will not win the Champions League this season. A dejavu of last season nightmare in Anfield. The vulnerability in the defense system is Still alarming. Barca could have easy conceded a lot more goals. If it was against Liverpool, it could be another 4-1. How can Valverde let this happen? How can anyone in Barcas board let this go on and do nothing about it? R u seriously gonna make the same mistake again? Pique out. Valverde out! I can barely regconize my favorite team anymore. This is just a medicre team, even with Messi in it.

    If nothing changes, guys, this is the end of Barca.

  45. Erika kawai says

    Messi Goal⚽️💪🤴

  46. Rudy Hynniewta says

    Barça poor defending

  47. Sravan Kamudi says

    What a awful game tonight. Salvia parah was so hunger to score goal . Barcelona connection with players were very bad . With this mentality barca will loose in big game like Liverpool or any english team . Why they they don't go for goals after one goal . Valverde ruined the mentality of players of barca . Valverde should tell messi to pass more to other players other than suarez. Plls .its a request tell to valverde to make good tactics and give good performance. 👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈👈

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