PART 2 – REAL TALK with Regine & Leila Alcasid on Step-Parenting


Here’s the second part of my Real Talk with Leila on Step-parenting. I hope that those who are in a similar situation can learn something from this episode. Thank you guys for watching!

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  1. April Karla Victoria says

    Felt like Leila was representing kids with separated parents when she talking. All she said was SPOT ON! Looking for someone to blame, having a grudge, and all that. Raaaah! So big of a deal to know that someone can actually talk about it.

  2. Jeff Miaral says

    FYI, hiwalay na sila Ogie and Michelle nang maging sila ni Regine. I guess kaya sya nag sosorry kasi syempre yung tatay nila hindi na nila makakasama. Hindi naman mistress si Regine. Saka okay na silang lahat. Yun ang importante.

  3. Ryan Turija says

    Onethe next vlang please let a pro makeup artist do your makeup miss reg. ❤️

  4. Hannah R says

    Leila is so beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Annah Carabido says

    I love you Ms. Songbird😘😘

  6. Abigael Panganiban says

    This really hit the spot. Thanks a lot for sharing your life with us. 😊

  7. Monalene Verdadero says

    Part 1 up to this part naiyak ako. More of theseeeeee 😭😍👏

  8. FRNCS BST says

    I cried. A lot. This content is so good. More vlogs with leila pls. Love her. 💖

  9. Nylinnej Padilla says

    I so love ur family ❤️

  10. Ayesha Channel says

    Pa share naman un beauty secret mo idol☺️ i like your skin.

  11. Christine chakaness ;D says


  12. Noel De Leon says

    Very meaningful topic Mama Reg (feeling close lol) I think hindi lang ito para sa me similar switch but for all para we can all understand each other without prejudgment. Mga tao kasi normally judges haha. More power and blessings to you po. And keep inspiring us all. ✌️ 🙏 😁 Have a wonderful New Year! 😊

  13. mechar reziah nickell says

    The more i look leila,the more i find her so pretty and so smart..

  14. Divina David says

    Relate much Miss Regs
    Ako gusto ko maging nanay ng step daugther ko,but tingin ko hindi ako naaapreciate.tama ka ACCEPTANCE IS THE KEY😍

  15. Heart Wood says

    Shopping with leila mama reg…😁

  16. Karen May Gutierrez says

    Thank you Regine & Leila for this.. You made me cry. 😢

  17. Kyla Kuletz says

    Highly recommended Everybody should watch this! Dami ko iyak… Thank’s for sharing this wonderful topic!

  18. Abi Gasang says

    it's an eye opener. I'm inlove with someone who already has a child and it's good to know what you've been through thank you for sharing your story! 💞

  19. Iamasdee 23 says


  20. Camille Martino says

    I hope my dads partner would have the courage to say sorry for hurting me, my brother and my mom. Great job, Regine. Any step-daughter would love to have you as their step-mom. What a heart-warming episode!

  21. 。杨样 says

    Ang sarap sarap panuodin at pakinggan, May mapupulot ka ng aral matututo ka panv mag english with sleeeeng

  22. debyang Tone says

    I salute your courage to speak in youtube about it ms regine and for leila too.. god bless to your family ❤️❤️❤️

  23. 1375chelsea says

    Leila is so levelheaded and articulate. She is eloquent in expressing herself and she does talk with sense unlike most youngsters nowadays.

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