Liverpool were vulnerable without Virgil van Dijk vs. Monterrey – Mark Ogden | FIFA Club World Cup


ESPN FC’s Joao Castelo-Branco and Mark Ogden report from Doha following Liverpool’s last-gasp win vs. Monterrey in the Club World Cup semifinals. Ogden says the absence of center-back Virgil van Dijk hampered the Reds who needed a Roberto Firmino goal in second-half stoppage time to prevail. Ogden also looks ahead to the Club World Cup final and discusses what Liverpool will need to do in order to come out on top vs. Flamengo.

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  1. Mujibur R. says

    Brainless?……..with only 1 center back (very young), you should be very vulnerable. So questioning about defense in really stupidity nothing else.

  2. Faith Sylva says

    Where is VVD

  3. Elvisrock 13 says

    Your videos are so pointless with hendo playing CB what was you expecting

  4. Oh Yeah Yeah says

    It’s almost as if they had Lallana at DM, Milner at RB and Hendo as a CB amazing analysis

  5. Izaak Gardner Gardner says

    You guys are just saying that it’s because the absence of van dijk but Monterrey are really really good they are better than most of teams in South America

  6. Miguel says

    I hope next year more Liga MX teams!!!

  7. Gaming Gods says

    Klopp did not select his u23's due to the club world cup the English federation said he should play his under 23s

  8. paranga cutirimicuaro says


  9. Humberto Andrade says

    Comentary is borring

  10. andrew stanley says

    best thing marks said lol ynwa

  11. TheInvasion King says

    There is a lot of money in Liverpool to buy more good centerbacks. If they struggle with Monterrey, they are going to suffer with Flamengo. They can't just rely on VVD, what if he gets injured? Where is all the money going?

  12. David Lara says

    Liverpool had to play with all their best players plus bring Firmino, Mane, and Arnold from the bench to a team that finished 8th in the mexican league. Let that sink in.

  13. Wesley Edwards says

    This is how you prove yourself if you want to be champion, looserpool gonna stumbled…they have no depth in there squad…this game proves alot about their squad…

  14. Scotty J says

    Hardly vulnerable. Klopp went all out attack and said it's probably the most attacking side he's used. It was a tough game. VVD isn't be all and end all.

  15. TJ says

    Team that misses 3/4 top CBs and doesn’t start top RB looks worse defensively ooo wee

  16. Craig Cassidy says

    Top punditry from espn again

  17. SKM Vids says

    People are over reacting we were in quatr new hot climate. We played a DM at CB and still won 😂, nothing against Hendo thought he played well out of position

  18. marmaduke hussy says

    Ogden is a Manchester United season ticket holder since 1987 .
    Why have him on

  19. JC says

    The lads looked vulnerable against Watford and VVD was playing in that game. They are just finding a way to win.

  20. Tom says

    Literally had 2 defenders on until TAA came on, Lallana was in a holding role. The media really try to twist things dont they 😂

  21. Wrld 999 says

    They will choke without vvd

  22. Jotta Soares says

    Só os flamenguista , deixa o like ,
    ô ô Ô vai pra cima deles mengoo

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