Liverpool 2-1 Spurs | Late Salah penalty wins it for Reds | Highlights


Liverpool came from behind to beat Spurs thanks to goals from Jordan Henderson and Mo Salah.

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  1. #1000_MaBaest says


  2. Lee Jhunkit says

    LiVARpool, is that Aurier have eyes at the back? Clearly,Mane run to he's leg when Aurier want to clear ball. Same as Leicester game , Mane diving too.

  3. Carol Shaw says

    Good luck liverpool I sopot

  4. IndraMemes says

    TBH I keep coming just for Hendo's goal

  5. Rebecca Pratt says

    Scousers scousers scousers

  6. Henry Windsor Rurikovich says

    💓 great match 💓 Liverpool 🔥

  7. wawan gunawan 70 says

    Juara tahun 2020..bravo liverpool

  8. Zeinab Zeinab says

    Mo ❤️👑

  9. lik si creen qe salah es el jugador mas humilde y mejor jugador de mundo

  10. 애용애용 says

    Lovely some works from Trent
    Class lad and forever scouser

  11. Aero Gamer says

    Yup 🔴

  12. Arsalan Oshnavi says

    Fabinho is a real world class player…Henderson is the heart of Liverpool

  13. Falastiin Ali says

    Ilove liverpol

  14. Falastiin Ali says

    Ilove liverpol

  15. Ameen Khan says

    Top Class Penalty 😎

  16. SK Sports says

    We recommend you to take a look at the very nice videos that you will want to watch on our sports channel.i love Liverpool

  17. Jaffar Hussein says

    Should gasiiniga replace lloris

  18. coba coba says

    Kiper kelas dunia

  19. El osote muy grandote says

    Im a liverpool fan but, wow, gazzaniga was incredible

  20. Blerant Reci says

    So muss des sein

  21. Reyhan Indi says

    Var tipu

  22. Dina M says

    their keeper turned to something else..just like Adrian did
    it's the need to be in the, they crave for a day or two of fame XD

  23. Bernhard Sonn says

    Why does the liverpool chanmel has so less views?

  24. English for FOOTBALL FANS says

    To the tune of Popeye the sailor man.

    He's Trent Alexander-Arnold
    He crosses for Salah
    His shots like a hammer
    Trent Alexander-Arnold
    Trent Alexander-Arnold
    He's got bags of talent
    His class is apparent
    Trent Alexander-Arnold

  25. Gunspecialist says

    motm= the diver

  26. Jamal adhan says

    Salah has made Liverpool a dream teem

  27. cojocaru petrica says

    i was in tribune! glad to be part of the RED Family! YNWA!

  28. เจอ Tep HenDo spur is surpriseเรยมึงงง 555

  29. Anita Lovren says

    Man utd fans=Pedophile

  30. Moussa Correa says

    wisouth  mané, wisouth victory on this match.

  31. VIP Yt says

    Could you talk to me in private plz

  32. gerrard the skipper says

    YNWA, Bandung pride Indonesia

  33. Abdul Muizz Abdul Aziz says

    Love to see henderson celebrate his goals🔥

  34. Masidul Hasan says

    Salah+ mane + firmino
    World best trio after MSN😍
    Guardiola Or Klopp? Raise your answer

  35. Lee CH says

    I must say..lady luck is shining bright on us…

  36. Bebelo Moketla says

    Robertson and Alexander 🔥🔥

  37. PS4Base says

    8 Goals 4 Assist these season Salah

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