Inside Anfield: Liverpool 2-1 Spurs | Exclusive behind-the-scenes from the Reds' comeback


Go behind-the-scenes with this exclusive tunnel cam footage from LFC’s 2-1 victory over Tottenham Hotspur at Anfield, thanks to goals from Jordan Henderson and Mo Salah, after Harry Kane put Spurs ahead.

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  1. Liverpool FC says

    Don't see subtitles in your language? Click here to translate the video title/description and subtitles and you’ll be credited in the description:

  2. zaridah mohd zin says

    It's hurt when you love Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur at the same time

  3. fadjar roosdianto says

    Love Lord Lovren..

  4. Керемет Мо Салақ

  5. Abbas Hussein says

    ليفربول عشق لا ينتهي 🌹❤

  6. Siam Hossain says

    1:06 🤣

  7. boqorada qaranka says

    Was 2 1

  8. Danela Arika says

    Judule indonesia sing komen wong songseng

  9. its_hotpure says

    I cofed whenni saw the spurs kit my dad soports liverpool i suport chelsea chelsea are my dads 2nd team liverpool are my 2nd team

  10. There is ,No God except Allah
    Muhammad is the Messenger from Allah, Islam is the true religion from Allah

  11. ACEH OFFICIAL92 says

    M salah yes 👍 Mane yes 👍 Liverpool oke

  12. Zina Stanescu says

    To the corner🤣🤣😂😂😂

  13. البحر الهادئ says


  14. abdishakur said says

    Mo Salah seems to be loosing it more everyday the guy is in the downward spiral, Jorgan Klopp should do something about it soon otherwise it will too late, big Shaq should get some time play in the position of Salah

  15. bocoy noiu says

    trent touching the sign , showing his love for the club , he is a born red ♥️ YNWA

  16. abbsnn cose says

    The whole of Spurs must can't stand European Unbearables this whole year.

  17. CA_ALE says


  18. TB entertainment says

    man i hate media , after such a big result rather than enjoying with teammates they had to do so many interviews

  19. Keçecizade Paşa says

    7:15 kloop faster than pochettino

  20. one race says

    A team full of captains

  21. Craig Drysdale says

    love it

  22. Trev Mahoney says

    Twice in 1 week we Madd comebacks

  23. SKYWalkers SG says

    6:00 those who touched the sign: Henderson, Gini, Trent. That's respect and love for the club.

  24. SKYWalkers SG says

    PLEASE, if Milner wants to, give him some player/coaching position, he's a great asset and example for the youngsters. It would be a great miss for LFC if he leaves, he adds character to the squad.

  25. SKYWalkers SG says

    Proud of Adrian. He's done well. Quickly becoming a fan favourite too, as his name was shouted when he came onto the pitch for warm-ups.

  26. Cosmonaut says

    Pls someone tell what song is at 4:40🥺

  27. تيم برنابو says

    قناة رائعة وشكرا جزيلا على الترجمة

  28. Shahindran Moonieya says

    Never doubt: The Reds wil never let us done,! Anyway, I love Jurgen Klop's strategems. Win or Lose, we all stand together! Love and light to you all from Sunny South Africa. All I have ever known from my early childhood to the present at the tender age of 56 is [email protected]!!!!

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