Chelsea plan January transfers + did CR7 deserve the Ballon d'Or? ► Daily News


On Today’s Daily News – Chelsea draw up massive transfer shortlist, Arsenal hold Arteta talks, Everton attempt masterstroke, Ronaldo should have won Ballon d’Or and a transfer round up!

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  1. Onefootball English says

    Would Cristiano Ronaldo have won the Ballon d'Or if he stayed at Real Madrid?

  2. Fan Of Dinos says

    Chelsea should sign Sancho and Zaha


    Danda le ghuma ke ronaldo tere peeche danda ghusa dega

  4. vk says

    Shit r 7

  5. vk says

    Cr7 is shit

  6. Madhin Prassana says

    Ronaldo will win the next ballon d'or dude. Mark my words

  7. Kamal Wallace says

    Chelsea should try buy leon bailey and ake


    He should have wonlast year

  9. Archangel Tyrael says

    No he didn’t deserve the Ballon d’or. Lewandowski, Hazzard, de Jong, de Ligt. All of the deserved it more. Ofc Messi was the only correct winner.

  10. La Liga is not competitive at all. There is only real and Barca

  11. Hungry Hazardous says

    Chelsea will be able to sign players on January

    Chelsea is being linked to Wilfred Zaha

  12. Akiem Jarrett says

    YES Ronaldo deserved a Ballon do'r he has been genius scoring goals,assists and making excellent comebacks. Messi is not a bad player by any means but I think Ronaldo was just brilliant he may not have had the goals like Messi but never the less he was still brilliant thus he should have won

  13. Aceariel says

    Yes ronaldo should have definitely won ballon d'or and would have got at real madrid for 18 season and messi or vvd deserved it for last season but i do think there is not much difference in terms of competitiveness of la liga and serie A, serie A teams are more tactical while la liga ones are more attack minded teams barcelona easily dominates them unless real madrid or athletico challenge them simillarly in serie A where juventus dominates unless challenged by inter or napoli, its only due to the monopoly of Spanish leagues to get high preference for these indivisual trophies highly rated by media i personally feel there should'nt be such things since football is a team game though till the point of man of the match player of the season are good enough for any indivisual performance boost just like in cricket they follow

  14. Vaibhav Hariram says

    Just a centre back, ben chilwell, and a winger could all that chelsea needs

  15. The las two Ballon D'OR should belong to Mbappé and Van Djik

  16. Derick Mwasame says

    Ronaldo should have won it cause messi is not as good as the G.O.A.T

  17. Danish Ahmed says

    Gini mini (minimino) mane Mo 🤣🤣🤣

  18. Isak Ibrahim says

    Werner's got a €30m release clause. Wouldn't be cheaper than M. Dembele.

  19. Andrea Cillo says

    If u have balls you will reply in ur next video

  20. Andrea Cillo says

    How can u say that only Barca Madrid are shit both of them

  21. Andrea Cillo says

    U dickhead

  22. Andrea Cillo says

    Shut up seria a is better then la liga 😂 u fucking stupid

  23. masseyman 6616 says

    Matt who do u think man utd will sign in January

  24. joel williams says

    would you play kean or calvert lewin

  25. Leo Ellen says

    No it was either messi or Virgil if we're being honest. Also I think we should have gotten Ancelotti rather then Arteta

  26. Charles Rickells says

    La liga is a great league but I don’t think it is that interesting. You know that every year it is going to end either either Real or Barca as winners and Atletico Madrid in third. The premier league is loads more interesting. You never know who’ll win.

  27. Sudeep Duhan says

    cr not desrve it messi greatest

  28. Sudeep Duhan says

    messi deserve 7 ballon d'or now already

  29. Sudeep Duhan says

    messi messi messsiiiiii best all time goat

  30. Marcin Olszewski says

    I'm not denying his greatness, but this year Ronaldo didn't deserve for top 5 and he got it only for his name.

  31. birkaran gill says

    U r right ronaldo will never win it again

  32. Nuclear Atoms says

    That's classic Abramavic, buy one of all!!

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