1. don bulgari says

    Made in by egept

  2. femi oguntimehin says


  3. Readable leaf says

    Kepa save 9:26

  4. Simon Hill says

    Our defenders back off way too much and give the attackers plenty of room. Have to challenge for the ball more!

  5. sh 936u says

    Chelsea is playing beautiful game..

  6. Ahmad Fauzie says

    I dont know why but this is quite tren nowadays that the losing team will uploaded the extended highlights version. Even the winning team didnt

  7. DanDiabloJSY says

    There is literally nothing up the top end for Villa. We need a goal scorer fast!

  8. Hip 2 Da Game says

    Pretty dire performance, bar Elmo and Heaton, individually. All too easy for Chelsea breaking through our MF like it wasn't there and crosses leading to chances/goals are happening all too frequently. Needs sorting.

  9. Favor says

    Astonvilla is average now they will have to improve .

  10. Favor says

    Astonvilla will be relegated if they don't start winning …

  11. Joao Marcos Couto says

    Douglas Luiz is good player

  12. rangga setia says

    Forget it ..see the next match better winning

  13. emma millard says

    Wesley needs to be dropped just not doing anything up front

  14. Samuel Yee says

    When Dean Smith met Lampard in EPL, it’s an encore for the EPL promotion play off final

  15. 6502-Coder says

    Villa goal was brilliant teamwork. Lots of one touch passing!

  16. Saran Somnuek says

    Let's Ming play as striker.

  17. Jack Brennan says

    Love how everyone is starting to see how hourihane is a one trick pony , all be it a good trick , but useless otherwise

  18. Jack Brennan says

    So many villa fans don’t understand football, no wonder everyone calls us thick, slating our only striker until January as if it’s gonna help, he’s basically got 1 in 3!

  19. Captain Leeroy says

    Really beginning to wish we'd signed Maupay. It's like we're playing with 10 men every week

  20. عبدالواحد عطيه says


  21. J Mc says

    Wesley this season. Shots 20, fouls 33, goals 4. We need a striker.

  22. Harnam Mann says

    Yeah shocking performance, we need to be braver against top teams, Douglas Luiz was a good sub, Konsa was average could bring Engels back against Leicester, Hourihane hasn't showed up in last 2 games, disappointing.

  23. the mean Internet man says

    This performance was nearly as bad as the time we faced against wolves

  24. Darkhalls says

    Shocking performance.
    Been a long time since i've seen us getting battered and dominated that hard.

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