Unai Emery sacked: Who will be Arsenal’s next manager? | Premier League


Arsenal has sacked Unai Emery following the Gunners’ 2-1 loss vs. Eintracht Frankfurt in the Europa League and with the club eight points adrift of the Premier League’s top four. Who will be the manager tasked with turning things around at the Emirates? ESPN FC’s Craig Burley picks his top three candidates for the job from a list of 10, including Massimiliano Allegri, Nuno Espirito Santo, Mauricio Pochettino, Carlo Ancelotti, Brendan Rodgers, Eddie Howe, and several Arsenal greats, including former manager Arsene Wenger and former players Patrick Vieira, Mikel Arteta and Freddie Ljungberg, who is serving as Arsenal’s caretaker manager after Emery’s sacking.

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  1. Mougamadou Zabaroulla says

    we want arsene wanger ok

  2. Siddhant Acharya says

    Mikel Arteta is the new Arsenal manager

  3. ggebruik2 ggebruik2 says

    Luis Mila or Indra Sjafrie…

  4. jesu kristi says


  5. Labu Ozil says


  6. FOTO PEREIRA says

    Jorge Jesus!!!!

  7. Sayfo Gold says

    El Chapo, he’s going to dig a tunnel toward the goal so that Arsenal wil find the net once this season!

  8. emeka o says

    Appoint no one. Arsenal is a useless team

  9. Christopher Whiteside says

    Rafa Benitez

  10. Hami Dona says

    Thierry Henry

  11. John Smith says

    Of course they can get Brendan from Leicester – what rubbish u are talking

  12. TheMawalli128 says

    Is there no chance for Ranieri or Keenan to take over at the Emirates? I cannot believe we missed out on Mourinho who I think is someone whose style really needs to be used at Arsenal. Emery should have gone even before the 2-2 at palace so I can’t understand the folly of waiting as long as it was and missing out on Mourinho. Also is there no chance for a champs league specialist like Ancelotti? And why have the other big Dutchmen been forgone? Cue Van Gaal, Guus Hiddink and I may sound like a dreamer here but I really really think Marco Van Basten would make a great manager. First things first, we have an attack good enough to bail us out weekend after weekend and do, when are we going to get to a point where those 2 goals scored in each week will get us 3 points instead of bailing us out of the 2 goals we gave at the other end ? The second I learned that Emre went with David Luis I knew this guy, for all the talk of what a great defensive manager he was, didn’t know what he was doing!! Also, any chance for Conte? Why can’t Arsenal have the best manager available now? We’ve always had the best manager so now why are we thinking Nuno Espirto Santo instead of the ilk of Conte and Pep

  13. masud jishan says

    No unai emery! No good “ebenin! My evening is ruined 😭

  14. Jorge Alves says

    Thomas Tuchel will be ideal for arsenal

  15. brian couronne says


  16. nb7 9uk says

    As an Arsenal fan I'd take brendon rodgers all day long…

    And YES he would come. Just ask Celtic

  17. Hamuli Majeshi says

    ten haag is the perfect candidate for me

  18. Errol Thompson says

    Viera left we hav not recovered defensively i say bring him back and we be fine

  19. Texas_ Gunner says

    Simeone is the dream. It probably wont happen, but I love that guy's coaching. He is a hard coach, exactly what Arsenal need

  20. James Ndegwa says

    For me Carlo Ancelloti or Massimiliano Allegri for Allegri he would fix the most dreadful thing that has been our undoing Defence

  21. Tony Lawlor says

    To give Lundberg the job at Arsenal full-time is a joke, he does not have the experience to manage a big club.

  22. Stephen Fourie says

    I'd take Rodgers any day

  23. Michael Farojoye says

    Sack him and build a new arsenal defence.

  24. Marco Mugria says

    Max Allegri

  25. Joe Medina says

    I hope Nuno stays at Wolves .

  26. Lindian Thomas says

    What makes people think Arsenal in this era of football will attract a top, top manager? Arsenal have been a fading force since the height of Wenger's Invincibles. A top 4 finish for Arsenal in the foreseeable future is out of the question. Top managers don't do Europa League.

  27. jj jj says

    Give freddie time.

  28. Robin Arden says

    If Freddie does well, (for the remainder of the season) we can get Rodgers in for next season. (My choice would be Allegri.) Wolves boss I'm not so sure about, and as for Arsene Wenger ? 😂 🤣 😃 😄 😅 😆

  29. Connor De Petro says

    Mikel Arteta. Full Stop.

  30. Exotic Az says

    I think allgeri should come in

  31. abdirahim osman says

    I want sol Campbell

  32. robert ingram says

    Who cares. God himself couldn’t make these players win anything.

  33. Lone Wolf says

    Arsenal are like a naughty child at naughty school – the child has no discipline and will reject it also, it wants exuberance and only Brendan or Nuno (that we know of) would fit – give it to ‘Don’ Robbie

  34. JJ Samuel Gunn says

    Bayern is still sniffing around for a proper manager. Why would any top draw manager choose a club with only one second grade European trophy over a multiple times European champion.

  35. Allen Saunders says

    Is arsenal still a great job

  36. Alexx Allert says

    Ten Hag should be the next Arsenal manager

  37. Leirs Deirs says

    We got the Swedish Johnny Sins for now

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