Mason Mount's first Chelsea goal! ⚽️| Chelsea 1-1 Leicester | Unseen Extra


He’s one of our own and he’s now off the mark for Chelsea! Watch Mason Mount’s first goal for the Blues in our 1-1 draw v Leicester and go behind-the-scenes of Frank Lampard’s return to Stamford Bridge…

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Founded in 1905, Chelsea Football Club has a rich history, with it’s many successes including 5 Premier League titles, 8 FA Cups and 1 Champions League, secured on a memorable night in 2012. Famous former Blues include Peter Osgood, Gianfranco Zola, Dennis Wise, John Terry, Frank Lampard & Didier Drogba.


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  1. Sam N’cho says

    CHELSEA 4 LIFE 🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵💙💙💙🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵💙💙💙💙💙🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵

  2. Tosin Fayanju says

    Why are we always starting well and not ending well? Why are we playing good football and not winning? Why are we having huge chances and ended up scoring one or two goals when we could have 4-5goals each match???

    Hope to see the first winning on 24/08/2019…..

  3. elias frost says

    We believe you Lampard!!! Keep the Blue Flag Flying High!!!!!!!!!

  4. UsuTK 1 says

    Come on u blues 🔵💙

  5. Jay hazard says

    How can i join this Chelsea football youth academy. Plss ans me 😢. My dream is i want to became a footballer but i did not get a good chances to play football.

  6. Michael Huntington says

    Lamps will be fine, give him time 🙂

  7. Prossy Kamara says

    Good job chelsea

  8. mohamed sehbib says

    وصايا النبي (1)
    ( لاتجلس بين النيام ولا تنام بين الجالسين، ولاتضع يدك على خدك ولاتشبك أصابعك ، ولاتنهش الخبز مثل اللحم ، ولاتأكل الطين ، ولا تنظر إلى المرآه ليلا ، ولاتلبس القميص مقلوب ، ولاتنفخ في الطعام الحار ولافي قدح الماء ،ولاتنظر إلى مايخرج منك ،ولاتتثاوب إلا ويدك على فمك ،ولاتشم طعامك ، ولاتكبر لقمتك ،ولاتأكل في الظلمه )

    وصايا النبي (2)
    من صلى علي بعد غسل القدمين عند الوضوء عشر مرات فرج الله همه وغمه وإستجاب دعوته
    لا تلتهون بالدنيا كل شي ذاهب إلا العمل الصالح .

    الوصايا (3)
    عليك بقراءه سوره يس : ماقراءها جائع إلا يشبع ولاعطشان إلا روي ولاعريان إلاكساه الله ولاعازب إلاتزوج ولاخائف إلا أمنه الله ولامريض إلا بري ولامسجون إلاخلصه الله من سجنه ولا مسافر إلا أعانه الله على سفره
    نريد هذه الوصايا تلف على الناس كلها الليلة
    دعاء للتخفيف عن الذنوب:
    (اللَّهُمَّ إِنِّى أَعُوذُ بِكَ مِنْ زَوَالِ نِعْمَتِكَ وَتَحَوُّلِ عَافِيَتِكَ وَفُجَاءَةِ نِقْمَتِكَ وَجَمِيعِ سَخَطك)
    اللهم كمآآبكيتني يوم[ولادتي]
    وآلنآس حولي يضحكون
    آضحكني يوم[موتي]وآلنآس حولي يبكون
    دعاء يونس:
    (لاإله إلاأنت سبحانك إني كنت من الظالمين)
    ارسلها ولاتحبسها في تلفونك فقد تفتح لك باب الفرج
    الرسول يسأل الشيطان
    قال النبي : يا لعين من جليسك؟
    فقال : آكل الربا
    فقال : فمن صديقك؟
    فقال : الزاني
    فقال: فمن ضجيعك؟
    فقال : السكران
    فقال : فمن ضيفك؟
    فقال : السارق
    فقال : فمن رسولك؟
    فقال : الساحر
    فقال : فما قرة عينيك؟
    فقال : الحلف بالطلاق
    فقال : فمن حبيبك؟
    فقال : تارك صلاة الجمعة
    فقال رسول الله : يا لعين فما يكسر ظهرك؟
    فقال : صهيل الخيل في سبيل الله
    فقال : فما يذيب جسمك؟
    فقال : توبة التائب
    فقال : فما ينضج كبدك؟
    فقال : كثرة الاستغفار لله تعالي بالليل والنهار
    فقال : فما يخزي وجهك؟
    فقال : صدقة السر
    فقال : فما يطمس عينيك؟
    فقال : صلاة الفجر
    إن أكملت القراءة فضلاً
    اكتب(لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله

  9. MemeGod420 says

    Weird without Hazard😔😔😔

  10. last night says

    Where bathsuayi ?

  11. MrSketchbass says

    I've never been so secure about a manager at Chelsea like I am with Lampard. He's a Champion for us and that's part of his and our DNA

  12. Sanket Singh says

    Wtf wrong with this channel, we aren't getting any clips from training, uploading single video per week, wow Chelsea YT os worst.

  13. DT2 says

    Liverpool cheated on the super cup
    their keeper was of his line on the last penalty

  14. 황족첼시 says


  15. -KTBFFH- -cfc- says

    leicester were lucky cos they wouldnt of gotten a goal if it wasnt fir that corner and corners r a bit like penalties there 50/50

  16. Putsaccda Viseth says

    Lampard should give Billy Gilmour a chance

  17. Mali 96 says

    Who wants to see my new goal from Fifa 19 with Christensen? Come to my channel, thanks everyone from ❤

  18. AL Animations says

    Wonder why they didn't show the highlights of the other game

  19. Bright Yeboah says

    William is big waste
    I'm so disappointed he's given the 10 Jersey
    Mdk from Kumasi Ghana

  20. Dilson Gazite says

    London Blue 💙

  21. Keikantswe Tiro says

    I don't think mount is ready…maybe for some games yes….but…

  22. Pietro Ficociello says

    W Sarri

  23. spontan photography says

    starting with Lose then with draw.. after this with WIN.. trust the process.. be patient and LAMPARD will prove to plastic fans that he will success to rebuild this team with TRANSFER BAN and lot of injury player.. he is so positive and cooldown person..

  24. nutriman says

    For this season, we need to reshuffle the position of a few players… Azpi should move to the DM role and compete with Jorghino… play Tomori at RB till Reece gets back.. move Willian into central midfield. Next season, we need to add to our midfield with either one of Danny Van De Beek, Milinkovic-Savic or Piotr Zielinski… we should also try to get either one of Youcef Atal, Denzel Dumfries or Ricardo Periera as RB to replace Zappacosta, then replace Alonso with either one of Tomori, Alex Telles or Ben Chilwell… get a winger like Everton Soares or Ziyech, to replace Willian or Pedro… if possible replace Jorginho with Ruben Neves… convert Barkley to a CF/striker, he will surely deliver…

  25. George Wacuma says

    Chelsea to the end…I love this club

  26. Gallaghers Marrs says

    As a Barça supporter Ive watched all games of Chelsea so far and I would trust Lampard, they are playing well and that guy Mount is gonna be a top player, didnt deserve to lose agains Liverpool

  27. Thomas B says

    We are behind you Frank and co.

  28. Sakif Niloy says


  29. Kdkdk Kkk says

    Belive 💙

  30. PaulPauliePabloPaolo says

    It was good a good game, and obviously a great start for mason!. I certainly would think he has made his case to be in the starting squad.
    The defence still looks far to fragile…

  31. Jaymie Lee says

    We still should have won that match.

  32. Iwuagwu Joseph says

    we can learn from Arsenal football club , they are very patient , the boys will surprise the world believe me, Chelsea 4real.

  33. Solomon Wilson says

    Bruh David Luiz ain't at Chelsea anymore.
    change the description!!!!

  34. Dhany Daniel says

    Lampard out

  35. John Chierichella says

    Mount is our down fall CAM WITH ONLY 64 touches. Sad

  36. Merhawi Zerai says


  37. Resurgam Lord says

    👍😎👍 courage lampard👍

  38. Trần Lép says


  39. Euan Thomas says

    The fans who booed should be ashamed

  40. Euan Thomas says

    In time we will improve

  41. ANDY ACE MASTER 300i says

    Our players may come and go,but our name remains, CHELSEA! our team we will support and love forever!🇬🇧EAST BELFAST 🇬🇧 NO SURRENDER 🇬🇧

  42. Dumb Muscle says

    WIn draw or Lose Im still Chelsea fan!

  43. Paul Loppy says

    Chelsea is a weak team

  44. Fred Cho says

    All calmly lampard … The challenge is just beginning .. In the previous seasons everything was going well and you see it went wrong, but now it's another story ….. Force Frank. I'm with you 🇧🇴🇧🇴🇧🇴🇧🇴💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💪💪💪💪💪💪

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