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This was an experience that I will never forget! Can’t believe I won my dream car at the auction. If you guys want an import car from Japan, make sure to hit up Moacir or Royal Trading Co. They will help you out through the whole process!

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  1. Bdog_98 OTF says

    I need help getting one can you guys plz help me

  2. gabriel alvarado says

    that red accord euro R next to the silver r32! 😍 I would’ve bid on that one for sure!

  3. Scuba Steez says

    Mf really had a super clean ITR in his face and didn’t even mention it. Im disappointed Sonny (pause at 8:44)

  4. Dakota Jim says

    Should’ve got the integra type r behind you where the stock s15 was 🥴

  5. SupercarSpoter 552 says

    9:58 did anyone else notice the fart? hahaha

  6. Melk Bouali says

    Bruuuh that laught tho

  7. Splitzz says

    don't tell me Randy farted again at 9:59 LMAO

  8. Adrian Vargas says

    Ever thought about building a Lexus IS300 ???

  9. CreativeMindGR says

    I want a s13

  10. that_ 1guymike says

    Ls swap dat bitch.

  11. EK Hatch says

    When do u think u have it back in the us

  12. Matthew Vizcaino says

    Everyone in Japan back in because it's smarter and in America you can't "over think things"

  13. Qzky Gaming says

    Can i ask how much it cost shipping a car?

  14. Major GameWorld says

    10:33 IS THAT A SUPRA

  15. Spencer Terranova says

    How do I contact these guys for info on buying JDM cars?

  16. Keion Mclaurin says

    What translate app do you guys use??

  17. HoudiniONE345 says

    Whats Matt's handle?

  18. Luke James says

    Didn't old mate say that s15 had a knock?

  19. mustangcallum studios says

    I think the s15 is a pure machine for the corners and straights but personally I prefer the s30

  20. Joseph Perez says

    Glad I could convince you to change to a red top 👌🏽👌🏽🤣

  21. _c4yd3n_ says

    In the first 30 seconds i already love this

  22. VON DYLAN says


  23. Jordy Urzua says

    That ghost fart at 10:00 😂😂😂😂

  24. Faze America says

    Here from illuminate

  25. Sterling Fisher says

    What auction site is this?

  26. Gerardo Garcia says

    Those subies tho 😍

  27. Nasir Higgins says

    Lol why he just shit his pants tho

  28. Kareem Xiong says

    Isn’t the s15 illegal ??? In the states ???

  29. Janvar Pitelkov says

    That turbo flutter tho😋

  30. Tristan A. says

    2 grand more and he could have got the built one

  31. Soki Jim says

    I am waiting for the next vid when these kids turn a JDM to a USDM rice cooker. I feel bad for the JDM cars that these kids buy. RIP JDM hello ricer cookers

  32. Scotty Beam Me Up says

    What about the import law on s15s?

  33. 1sLOW_ Obs says

    Congrats sonny!! Can’t wait to see you build it!!

  34. thesuper_cars says


  35. thesuper_cars says

    9:59 😂😂

  36. Tyrell Hamilton says

    Bruh he farted @ 10:00 minutes and acted like nobody heard that😂😂

  37. ixs_ Trapz says

    What hp numbers u shooting for? 500hp?

  38. Matt L says

    11:05 y’all sleeping on that st165 celica alltrac behind you…. REALLY rare car

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