1. Nabin Gautam says

    Plz subscribe (Np online khabar) if u are football lover

  2. Bad BOi says


  3. Moses Kisiy says

    Origi shd hv done better,defensively

  4. Euro Stats says

    Football England. Premier League. TOP 10 leaderboard 1998 /  Now. https://youtu.be/YERIUTojpmU

  5. kopxpert says

    Lifelong Liverpool fan here but I swear Selhurst Park is amazing. Such an old school stadium, not to mention the great atmosphere it generates. Love it!!!
    PS: Tbvh u deserve something from this game and I really hope CP do well this season. All the best, sincerely

  6. Mustafa Düzgün says


  7. Hassan Makoye says

    Zaha on fire

  8. BarebackBarbarians FC says

    Zahas movement for the first goal was pitch perfect then let's the ball roll in front of him before he strikes it. Needs to do that more often

  9. Nithin Neyyan says

    Mane is the Ugliest Ever player in Liverpool shirt 😸

  10. Muhammad Ali says

    Zaha the best

  11. Yoga Febriansyah says


  12. IDs Ballboy says


  13. Dane Chancey says

    Great teams, always find a way to win.

  14. naruto 11 says

    Crystal palace always noob LOL 😂😂😂

  15. Wayan Reka says

    I am fans of Liverpool FC since 1993 still played John Barnes and Ian Rush Liverpool in my heart forever

  16. Masud Rana says

    I am not surprised at all seeing Liverpool scores at the last minute, cause it's just the way it is 😃
    Liverpool for ever 🤗🤗

  17. agus pakuncen says

    Moh salah 🇮🇱
    Sadio Mane 🇨🇲
    Firmino 🇵🇹

  18. tokohobbi says

    Firminho entah kenapa kan mo dibilang bagus ya kaga jg. Dibilang jelek tp dipake terus ama klopp. Goal jg jarang. Dia kaya pemantul atau pengalih perhatian doank di dpn. Tp namanya fwd pst pengen goalin. Dan keliatan seneng bgt muka nya wkwk

  19. hercjulio says

    Great gol by Roberto Firmino ⚽

  20. akeem wilson says

    It's soon funny Bobby didn't know how to celebrate, Gini just jump right back on him and they all just hugged it out.

  21. Babacar khouma says


  22. Babacar khouma says


  23. slubert says

    Its like every team that Liverpool faces has its best perfomance against them and are proud even though they loose. If Crystal Palace played like that every time, they would be in top 6

  24. Table 53 says

    Could so easily have been a Palace win, plot armour too thick

  25. Alexis R says

    This man from Argentina (Marcelo Gallardo) is a multi-champion technician. It is up to Europe, it will do very well. Share this message.

  26. Will .Cons says

    The most fixed game of football ive seen at Selhurst park

  27. Tinashe Mafukidze says

    scrappy win..

  28. John Eminah says

    No way Palace should have lost this game. Ayew and Zaha will have nightmares for easy chances missed. The disallowed goal too was a travesty of justice.🤦‍♂️

  29. IndraMemes says

    Gotta give respect for uploading highlights even though you guys lost. Thanks also for uploading it in 50 fps. (liverpool fan btw)

  30. heaneybrian says

    Oow no they have

  31. lewis kirby says

    I think this is one time I've not been that mad about losing a game, we were taking the game to them and they struggled, VAR gifting them the league LET'S GO LADS, ON TO THE NEXT 👍🏻🔴🔵🦅

  32. Samuel londoño says

    Liverpool: me no want lose premier league
    Var: say no more

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