Crushing Crunchy & Soft Things by Car! Experiment: Car vs Orbeez Balloons


New experiments with cars create asmr. Car vs Orbeez Balloons, Car vs Long Balloons, Car vs Lighters, Car vs Water, Car vs Eggs, Car vs Ice, Car vs Food, Car vs Toys.

WARNING! Dangerous Crash Test, don´t Try this by yourself!! EXPERIMENT: Car vs Orbeez Balloons. #experiment #with #everythings

Funny sounds help relax the mind and relieve stress after the problems of your life. That is the purpose we make this video to serve you if you need.

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  1. Anthony Angelo says


  2. Привет хорошо как Сирень Азалия Фидан Азиэ на ок да то хз я сзк👍👍👍👍👍👍

  3. Привет хорошо как Сирень Азалия Фидан Азиэ на ок да то хз я сзк👍👍👍👍👍👍

  4. Rabia Tabassam says



    E brinquedos também


    Tantas pessoas com fome até animais e vcs ficam esmagando essas comidas deliciosas

  7. meraj aalm says

    Fee Ja

  8. Mirela Asan says

    Pero porque aplastais todo si lo podéis donar a la gente que lo necesita 😔😔😣

  9. Nhorahim Maddie says


  10. Alexia Pereira says

    Orrivel coisa cara sendo destruido

  11. New New says


  12. R. Angeles Gomez Rodriguez says

    Like si quieres hacer lo mismo

  13. Ticiana Souza says

    Que diperdio tanta gente passa fome que feio

  14. Kham Le says


  15. SCockrum2008 says

    That's cool. Man or. Later

  16. Mariah White says

    Sometimes you can break your car weel because of that stuff so be carful

  17. TATIANA Amorim says


  18. Divan dK says

    they say do not waste food yet they wastes many other supplies like stationary and toys that could make many other people happy but still the asmr is amazing and frustrating at the same time

  19. Tiburón -Proo says

    Hay mucha gente que necesita juguetes y comida y ustedes lo rompen

  20. Harinder Singh says

    Mere bucho ko deh do no vast

  21. mirna Lara says

    Muchos niños estan deseando esas cosas y ustedes las ronpen🥺🤨😥😠😠

  22. Kokom Komalasari says


  23. _Piêšêł_ YT says

    0:34 Most Satysfying Ever

  24. Após irjcoxk pxiifia9xisokccoi Jdljxkkdiejxiidlcllckclkcmck nockeoflrlmflcmxlclclprlfovivj cm.disjlskf9dk58jt9fmcpcmpffkcmomwo.voohr0foc9i4jc8if8r0lsxinvprlcckmgp8rkpglvpfkfk

  25. Federico Nicolas Ochoa says

    hay nenes q no tienen jugetes y ustedes los pisan😕😒

  26. Gina Figueroa says

    Son muy mi llonarios para que anden desperdiciando eso en vez de que se lo den una persona en esta navidad que necesita esas cosas que están desperdiciando

  27. Anja Burcic says

    break things when you can break something recycled especially you can't give food to someone who's not sorry

  28. Pushpa Pushpa says


  29. Abii NurCahyadi says

    Ih sayang sayang tau bendanya itu bendanyakan mahal mahal aku aj ga punya benda itu

  30. Venkeetesh Venketesh says


  31. Venkeetesh Venketesh says


  32. APPLE RED MIDEA says

    ഇതു കലക്കി തിമിർത്തു

  33. Yousef Aldhafeeri says

    حرام نعمل وبعدين كسرة شنو يصير مراحل تفيد شي و آخر شي راح تروح الي النار

  34. BD Funny all says

    কি ভাই।।

  35. Minto Clp says


  36. Lola Blue says

    I am ashamed of you guys why would you break Gucci that is so expensive people

  37. Df Hh says

    وبعض يعرفونة ويسون لايك ليش تكسرة اعط محتاجين يارب يحطك في النار🤔🤨 الي معي لايك

  38. Df Hh says

    حرام متخف من اللة نعمة

  39. Ishan Yadav says

    I love this video but can you don't do
    this with food so your videos can be more good

  40. Mustfa Safa says

    حرام عليك الله لايطيك

  41. Good Crunchy

  42. Hailey Beck says


  43. Magali Santos says


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