1. Larry Mikel says

    The problem is from defenders is only Zuma every where, but I don't like taken back to keeper why don't play it front

  2. Marvin 1900 says

    Kommentatoren die bei der Hymne reden (wenn auch nur zu Beginn) sind mit das schlimmste im Fußball!

  3. Desmond Quailey says

    So Chelsea fc are staffed by racist pedophiles

  4. mingab91 says

    Fire chris jones. Change chelsea fitness coach. Stop stumble

  5. Doxa Media Channel says

    Please and pleas help me subscrip to my channel👍👌💗💗💗

  6. leepakim says

    hat Borussia nicht schon gestern gespielt und gegen die Bayern gewonnen???

  7. Thilo Hofmann says

    Chelsea = Blues
    VfL Borussia = Rock 'n Roll

  8. Carl Binns says

    The glabach striker plea would be exactly what we would need to complete our team

  9. Mohamud M says

    Zuma is too slow
    Can’t believe how will face man city 🌃

  10. Zina Right says

    This Chelsea team of "kids" has syood in the way of two German Champions league teams in full swing

  11. Rick Suegreen says

    Gudonson duff robben Drogba chech terry lampard Cole cavalio makele.
    And now to this.
    Gonna be a massive challenge. Massive.
    And the amazing Hazard….
    Oh well that's Chelsea.

  12. Bekwele Chinda says

    What a miss

  13. Bekwele Chinda says

    Zuma is very slow. Always taking the ball to Kepa.

  14. Imad Alsaadi says

    Kovacic you are great as always and the fans who think he is not they need to know what is soccer

  15. Youtube TV says

    Machst du den stream bitte bei Fcb gegen den Bvb an beginnt gleich

  16. jerome . B says

    Gladbach ist die beste Mannschaft 😍

  17. Thomas B says

    Great comeback boys, apart from that. Good performance. Need to work on defence. KTBFFH

  18. Julianiyke Okolo says

    It will be a great season of surprise for Chelsea fans.

  19. nadya chow says


  20. BLATATA says


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