1. Ossama Lasfar says

    Still cristiano is the GOAT

  2. Every derby mach finish with different result.Thats why football is interesting game.Messi as a player is incredible.

  3. Eduardø Viéğaš says


  4. Dadrit Chaichana says

    I think he still show the incredible skill and dribble several time in this match.

  5. Kader Diallo says

    Neymar aussi a fait un beau retour http://libittarc.com/OmG

  6. Jahzeal JR says

    0:25 that pass was just a bang. From long range, it dropped right on alba's feet.

  7. edward muri says

    y pensar que esto es un partido malo de messi.

  8. ملك كاتلونيا says

    For all fans
    Dont expect from messi or any others to be always on their peak or on high level performance they still human not machines

  9. Alejandro Amor Puro says


  10. Brahian Cardenas says

    El mejor de la historia 👽

  11. MrCharlie12206 says

    His teammates cannot help him…

  12. Rachid Modaffar says

    Toop sur toop

  13. Ak47 says

    team mates where playing like crap

  14. SUPER BRAWLL says

    NEYMAR !
    MESSİ !

  15. burzum 6969 says

    Barcelona needs now new coach and best central forward and a new pistolero to replace suarez cause suarez getting old

  16. burzum 6969 says

    Messi no tiene con quien ni Suarez suarez esta Viejo. . .por eso queria neymar devuelta

  17. Rodrigo John says

    Once again Messi raped Kross, Casemiro etc

  18. افكار مجنونه says

    Messi cried because of an Arab child https://youtu.be/xsfZl9dBxVw

  19. Osman Osman says

    Messi has best pass

  20. Angel Gangster88 says

    I'm fan of Ronaldo do y'all barcelona fans missed me!! I missed messi maybe messi need me more then I need him!! After mine 4 year with Juventus I'm coming home Spain with my rivals best friend!!!! Ronaldo missed you buddy messi

  21. Dániela Garnica says

    Tranquilos mandriles es lo unico que pueden celebrar este año un empate a tu mayor rival.

  22. oktavian ferdi says

    L.messi Like

  23. maruko says

    I want to see him dribbling more. I feel he does not dribble much since he won ballandor.

  24. Bertha Mensah says

    Messi was fantastic

  25. shashank gupta says

    Lol show this to people who said he was invisible in the game.

  26. K M says
  27. Paulo Sousa says

    Cristiano Ronaldo is the best! Doubts in this year 2019? See this! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ua3fHt4HylA

  28. nelson daniel quintana miers says

    Que partidazo de Messi

  29. morocco is in my blood being says

    Messi ❤❤❤❤

  30. Atte La says

    And the rest of the match he just walked. Pathetic performance, Real Madrid got control of the match because of Messi's strolling around. Like always when he plays, Barcelona were defending one man down.

    And don't blame Valverde for defensive tactics, what else can he do when one man thinks he's too good to do any pressing or defending.

  31. ManuR 10 says


  32. Moisés Frazão Junior says

    Fala sério, só coloco lances do barcelona,vídeo ruim!

  33. Prophet 52 says

    The goat :v

  34. Eustass Kid says

    2:45 Amazing assist would've been a nice goal

  35. Eustass Kid says

    I liked before watching the video because we all know Messi is the best, even though i love Real Madrid

  36. micasa65 says

    Le Barca aime se plaindre des "avantages" accorder aux autres… mais ils ont souvent de la "chance" quand ils jouent mal


    Messi is no longer messi hes aging things are changing bit still both cr7 & messi are the best thing 2ever happen in football history

  38. CandreB says

    Por dios messi como disfruto verte jugar.!!

  39. Sponyburger says

    People said Casemiro and Valverde were the real goats that stopped Messi. They didnt made a single tackle on him… lol

  40. Farhan Shanu says

    Love u leo

  41. Edwin Antao says

    he played a bad game today missing 2 absolute sitter,hope in next game score a hat trick.

  42. Neivir Ribeiro Morales says

    Errou a bola de cara com Gol kkkk Gênio

  43. Ahmed Dlshad says

    Disappointed very hard game

  44. Bryan Radja says

    messi too good for football in earth 😁💪🏼

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