Jose Mourinho gets SMASHED! Rudiger Incident | Tottenham 0-2 Chelsea All The Goals


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  1. Immaculate Dirtz says

    Has Jose really been beaten twice by his own former player in his first year and a bit as a manager with 2 different teams? Looool
    Has Jose even taken anything from a game against Lampard yet? Somebody let me know if I'm mistaken lol

  2. Matthew Doyle says

    Guy spot on Ginger Chris was bullied off the channel by DT, DT ever spoke to me like that, I would hire a Boxing Ring smash his head open. Mind you he is such A PUSSY he will get his son to fight for him. A 40 year old with a child mind. Feel so sorry for his Kids having a FAILURE in life as Dad

  3. David Adeyemo says

    Oh pls……..when it comes to CHO situation, lampard is not getting a free pass simply because lamps is a legend he as proven himself in believing in young players like mason mount, abraham, James, tomori and pulisic that as been massive for lamps this season so far. So pls don’t twist the whole thing about lampard getting a pass from Chelsea fans for not playing CHO………I strongly believe odoi dropped form because of the long time Injury and I believe lampard still believe in him and will get him back to his best same way he walked pulisic back slowly.

  4. shaquille shortt says

    WTFFFFF DO PEOPLE DON'T understand ??? When sterling was at liverpool yall said the same thing the guy is 19 come on sterling wasn't the finished article look at him now worlddddd classss come on timeee give him timee relax jeezz plus he came back from a difficult injury come on not just any injury

  5. Elie Naddour says

    We have to beat southampton and arsenal now.

  6. johnnyWicky says

    What makes me laugh the most is that over this decade, Manyoo are 3rd in the net spend table. THIRD LOL. They have a higher spend than Liverpool, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Barcelona, all to attain this level of mediocrity 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. johnnyWicky says

    Hahahahahaha this man just said that Spurs got smashed after losing 2-0 to Chelsea, on the same day that Manyoo lost 2-0 to bottom of the league Watford 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Drip Bayless says

    CHO is very predictable as he always come inside and never goes on the outside however it’s still early
    I’ve seen players on the pitch who have been on for 70-80 mins work harder then CHO whose been on the pitch for 5-10 mins

  9. michael williams says

    spur was not a good team on the day they had to used kung fu yet still lost ,

  10. IE says

    Chelsea played fantastic except for Abraham, he was careless about his offsides. Frank should have a word with him about that. Kante stood out for me. Best outfield player in the league right now.

  11. Billy England says

    I’m a big aftv fan and just want to say your show is really great lol love it

  12. T . R . E says

    It’s funny how people who aren’t Chelsea fans and clearly don’t watch every game comment on Chelsea, Sarri got stick last year because his brand of football was so boring it was hard to watch! he was lucky to have Hazard as Hazard pulled us out of trouble nearly every game! And to say why are we not having a go a Lampard…it’s simple he’s not had a transfer window to start with, the football is much more exciting win loose or draw, and finally the comments about players like CHO, Jorginho and Willian it’s simple, Willian was not in for last season he played ok when he felt like it and that was also the case under AC but this season he’s giving 100% kinda the player he was 3 years ago, as for Jorginho he was ineffective and was chosen due to him being Sarri’s signing and not form so fans got frustrated with this, and CHO again is a different player last season we had Willian and Pedro in very inconsistent form and a young hungry prospect wanting to play with a huge club trying to sign him so he had to be given his go.. and he played well but this season Willian is bang in form as is Pulisic and CHO is not so that’s why he’s not playing, it’s pretty simple if you actually watch Chelsea play.

  13. Ross Mills says

    Lampard doesn't get stick cause he plays whos best, who does CHO replace in that front 3? none of them, wheras under sarri, hudson odoi looked our 2nd best attacker after hazard, thats why he got stick

  14. lukemartiny96 says

    Hudson-Odoi has recently returned from a long-term injury, Lampard has eased him back into the team over the past few months.
    Lampard has given him opportunity to showcase his ability this season but Hudson-Odoi hasn't performed particularly well and thus finds himself behind Willian and Pulisic (both have been playing very well)

  15. Lewis Murphy X says

    Chelsea fan here. Just wanted to address the question on why we aren’t having a go at Lampard for not playing Hudson Odoi. His performances have dipped a LOT over the past month especially and I personally think it’s because he’s being pushed too much after returning from injury, I still have faith that he’ll come good in the future but we need to be patient with him. However I’m not getting on Lampards back for not playing him because we have Pulisic and Willian performing really well this season. Last season we had a right to complain over Sari not playing him because Hazard was the only winger performing. CHO deserved to be playing over Willian and Pedro last season based on his performances. But this year our wingers are performing, and he is not at the moment, so that’s why we aren’t getting on Lampards back.

  16. Justlooking says

    Not every Chelsea fan attacked Sarri. I always backed him and I was irritated that our fan base wanted to bench Willian last season. However, I do believe CHO is a really good young player who's finding his confidence after a serious injury. I think it's ridiculous to put him on Rooney's level though, just because he was playing consistently at 16/17 (which I also think worked in his favour in terms of giving him experience). I think people really forget what level Rooney was playing at when he was young.

    Don't know if the topic warranted a 10 minute segment though. Not at the beginning of the video after we got a good win against Spurs.

  17. Darragh O'Reilly says

    And cos we know that he’s not playing well we don’t give out to lamps we knew cho was in good form last yr and he wasn’t playing

  18. Darragh O'Reilly says

    Most known Chelsea fan and the most hated twat

  19. Darragh O'Reilly says

    I like this other guy

  20. zion song says

    English ref r the definition of incompetence. Alonso was fauled but initial call was fail towards gazz

  21. Oromo Nation says

    Terry what you of dedicating points from team their fans acting in racist?

  22. Marko says

    Hudson Odoi under Sarri was our 2nd best winger but Sarri was hesitant to play him so we critiqued him. He isn't playing well under Lampard so no one is blaming Lampard for benching him, does that make sense? And Hudson Odoi isn't a generational talent

  23. martin sheridan says

    if tottenham got smashed what happened to man u against worst team in the league

  24. Trap Town NCS says

    Great video! Keep it up Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

  25. MrSkiller703 says

    in last 5 years spurs have spent 40mil less then Liverpool btw. Liverpool have lower net spend.

  26. ultra 67 says

    Terry,happy holidays,have a great one yeah & dont spoil your children to much,respect to everyone at the football terrace,MUFC forever.👍👍✌✌

  27. sadek rahman says

    Willian have a great game today.

  28. sadek rahman says

    We got destroyed by a Watford team potentially getting relegated.

  29. sadek rahman says

    Ole out!

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