Jose Mourinho FULL Pre-Match Press Conference – Tottenham v Chelsea – SUBTITLES


Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho previews his side’s home match against Chelsea in the Premier League.

Mourinho goes up against his former club with Spurs sitting three points behind the Blues.

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  1. PhaktTheIsolationist says

    Glenn Hoddle also said Disabled people had committed atrocities in previous lives and therefore deserved to be disabled. So let's take anything that batshit cunt has to say with a pinch of salt.

    Spurs will NEVER be a bigger club than Chelsea.

  2. H A says

    Every Mourinho conference is a learning lesson on football, public speaking, and dealing with sneaky reporter questions.

  3. Cali Kaya Mbanza says

    Mr.philosophy I like your interview all the time

  4. Tan Zolo says

    “ I sink that’s a fundamental sink”

  5. mathew pearce says

    dele moura world class

  6. mathew pearce says

    keep improving yes, youhave the players for that,you want to see a clean sheet and lo celso or eriksen , tanguy,lamela,to strart banging goals, cant rely on kane and son to much.

  7. Tkay Mhazo says

    As a chelsea fan I expect a tough match but Tottenham s quality will punish us 3-1 to Tottenham

  8. Ou Vyf says

    oomblik 10;52 share my memory#onourown

  9. Kasհ says

    Beeg ugg.

  10. Kopi O kaww.. says

    Funny, I only watch Jose Maurinho pre and post match conferences. Thanks Beany! 🌹❤

  11. Antonio Pereira says

    Useless pre match … what's the point?
    Journalists purposely finding new ways of making money…
    Pre match….post matches…. speculations of transfers…..etc… journalists making money..

  12. Liew James says

    Jose is a great manager! His press conferences are really something to reflect on. Never boring!

  13. noem mij maar zo says

    He is so shit

  14. stelun56 says

    Jose, I hated you, but I always respected you. Now I love you, as I love Spurs.

  15. Osama Filali Naji says

    1st The Special One
    Then The Happy One
    Now The Humble One

  16. Eddie Bottoms says

    Jose hasn't made the best decisions in recent years. His time at Madrid wasn't exactly successful given the wealth of talent at his disposal and the same can be said for his stint at United. Then there's the return to Chelsea which ended in disasteruous performances & results. Don't get me wrong, he's a fantastic manager with an exceptional CV, but the last few years he's been living off reputation instead of success.
    Some people cite his Europa League achievement with United, but he spent hundreds of millions while at Manchester United, and at the time signed the world's most expensive player. Ok, Pogba turned out to be poisonous, but they were still Jose choices.
    I think Jose is brilliant and really want him to be a huge success at Tottenham (and I don't even support them) but I think the excuses are running out if he wants to resurrect that 'Special One' status.

  17. Shd Shd says

    I love the guy
    I Will always love the guy
    I hope he loses on sunday

    -Jose mourinho

  18. Ź O M B I E says

    In Jose we trust. 😎

  19. Teressa Mcilroy says


  20. Greg Robinson says

    It is amazing the number of stupid questions managers have to answer at these interviews.

  21. karl says

    people talk more about chelsea,lampard & jose shows how small spurs

  22. Dauh says

    jose be like dem glen hoddle so dumb 😂

  23. IE says

    No other club was interested in Alderweireld so that's why he signed. He's too old to be worth a lot these days. This is the real reason he signed.

  24. IE says

    Big test this weekend.

  25. Common Sense says

    A Jose is never late or early…he arrives precisely when he means to!

  26. Mark Harper says

    Why do a lot of you guys give a shit about the way he looks….retards!!!

  27. Shibbir Choudhury says

    Jose is a legend

  28. davidogan says

    It’s funny. Now Mourinho is happy and actually philosophical. While Pep is now moody and there’s talk of the 3rd season syndrome.

  29. Louis Busingye says

    Jose is a winner regardless of what everyone says about him.

  30. Deugou deugal faye says

    Please beany put subtitles for us please, good job i only watch press conferences through your channel

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