A moment of brilliance from Riyad Mahrez ensured City emerged as 2-1 victors in an enthralling, end to end clash with Chelsea at the Etihad Stadium.
The Algerian won the game with a move that has become his trademark, cutting inside onto his favoured left foot and picking out the bottom corner after Kevin De Bruyne’s deflected effort had cancelled out N’Golo Kante’s opener.

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  1. rayen Djawed says

    Mahrez top❣💔❤😍

  2. hamza hamza says

    Mahrez is genius really genius what amazing skills player is kind of messi and ronaldo

  3. zic says

    1:01 selfish play they dont want mahrez to shine at Man city!

  4. رياض العربي says

    محرز 🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿👍

  5. Eddi Pllate says

    Kante is better than mahrez

  6. Eddi Pllate says

    3-1 liverpool city stupid city fan

  7. memer boi says

    All algerian people are proud of you mahrez your are always in our hearts😍🔥

  8. Fortnite Binks says

    De brune

  9. Abdou Kerara says

    Mahrez is the best 👏👏

  10. Mohamed Khedim says

    الله يبارك ماشاء الله الحمد الله

  11. DaProof says

    Ryad … Best player in the ManCity

  12. G says

    1:39 I could save that

  13. UE FA says

    Mahrez is a best African player 🇩🇿🔊💉

  14. NerO Alert says

    Mahrez big arabic player in the history football

  15. Harshvardhan Kulkarni says

    Sterling and VAR………..still a better love story than twilight.😂😂

  16. Cristcha Esareh says

    It can't be more than 2 millimeters between them. THAT FREAKING VAR MUST BE A JOKE.

  17. Stefany Jimenez says

    De druyne 👌

  18. Kaouther says


  19. Kaouther says

    حطها دايمن فلول يا رياض

  20. Liverpool Football club says

    Love you guys 😂

  21. Jomba Jomba says

    City on ♨️

  22. stivan wiil says

    You just fight and racists deliberately marginalize the Algerian star Riad Mehrez and how not a man every game played by the basic I hope to leave to a team where he enjoys playing and enjoy

  23. boumaza farid says

    Mr. Ranieri when he came to Leicester City he spoke with the player saying who is the best player technically in the team they answered it is mahrez. so he said from today is going to build our game from him when the team does not arrive at 18 meters ie he will find us the solution by these magical passes and his technical penetration. so let mahrez num 1 in the team and see the result as with everton or everything is operated by mahrez.

  24. Alfi Artya Diwanda says

    Mahrez is so unpredictable, i mean how can he passed 2 defenders with that simple run 👏👏😁

  25. RAHALI BOUMED says

    In a country that first embraced the laws of slavery in the past and then abandoned them to some extent, we understand that.

    What we do not understand is that the country itself accepts people who treat Africans (victims of the distant yesterday) with racial discrimination,

    Isn't this a denigration of a people and a country?

  26. Name Surname says

    Guardiola stole Mahrez from Leister cuz he knew he would be his weakness and ruin his game plans if this player stayed in Leister , Pep showed that he is a real racist against Touré Yaya before and now Mahrez.


    Read mahrez

  28. GamePlay says

    Mahrez, just leave that boring team.

  29. Yakub Nadif says

    What a team CITYZENS 💙

  30. pianiste dz says

    رياض محرز رئيس الجمهورية الجزائرية

  31. mascula mascula says

    Were is Bencheikh.
    i fuk you bencheikh.

  32. Cactus2734 says

    I can hardly understand 2/3rds of the comments

  33. Walid alfa says

    Fabulous performance of Mehrez

  34. Adelpop Adelpop says


  35. Dr abdou•YT says

    ڨوارديولا اتيز اصلع ههه 👺👺⁦❤️⁩⁦🇩🇿⁩

  36. bicha barcelona says

    good luck

  37. Wassim.G says

    La puissance dz🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥

  38. Elijah Mburu says

    De bruyne did it,,, 17 really good

  39. Kijanski says


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