1. Airlines cool14 says

    Not same as final but it's ok

  2. Weird Dude says

    0:41 🤣

  3. Inyeob Kim says

    mane > son > firminho >>> salah period. Salah overrated.

  4. Fábio Pereira de al says

    Algum Brasileiro Veio Aki Olha o Adiversario Deixa o Link aí Tmjts ❤️🖤

  5. 카리박 says

    Son best of best!!



  7. هاني منصور says

    Go LiverpoolYou R the Champion

  8. Jethro channel says

    What point of interest do people think of in soccer 😒😒

  9. Manchester United Fun says

    I look up to you man,you are the man, have watched a lot of your videos and you inspired me to start my own sports channel. Guys you can check on it like and subscribe. Thanks so much

  10. Gery Manuel says

    As a Liverpool Fan who judged the final for its boreness, i could imagine what if Tottenham had performed their moderately-better performance just like in match. They would have to counter Liverpool at least one goal or even equalled Liverpool's play in CL Final.

  11. Elliott Hill says

    Shpursh can't win away!
    can't win away
    can't win away…

  12. Hüdayi Ismayilov says


  13. Hüdayi Ismayilov says


  14. GAMEPORTAL 123 says

    Again tottenham gets fucked…. im sorry for this team… they deserved better

  15. Coding Daddy says

    Sell Errorrsen… his sports manship is out

  16. AnnaBella Adeq says

    you will never walk alone

  17. Swiggen says

    Spurs can’t win away😂

  18. Rock Mork says

    better than the champions league final

  19. Meir Wise says

    Can anyone see Israeli flags to which the antisemite bastard lying George Galloway was referring? I can't see any.

  20. Agents of change says

    amazing goal for liverpool

  21. Daris Dzimar says

    Kalah tetap diupload dan trending lagi mantap #coys

  22. Monkeyyyy says

    Hendo with the left foot volley though… da fuuu… epic. Imagine a front 4 of LW Mane ST Son RW Salah CF/CAM Firmino with Hendo and Fabinho behind them and with Origi, Shaqiri, OX and smart and adaptable players like Lallana on the bench MY GOD that would be awesome. I'd get a young English player like Hudson-Odoi as well, he'd be great back up and would learn from some great players.

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