1. kong xiaoli says

    There's more good news for Liverpool this evening with Napoli being held to a draw. European champions Liverpool moved a step closer to qualifying for the Champions League knockout stage with a laboured 2-1 win over Belgium's Genk at Anfield on Tuesday.https://www.dianjinwa.cn/video/53530.html

  2. IMNiceout says

    Martial good revenge after miss the penalty. Krul sure saying something to him at 2:27

  3. forshippingon34 says

    Genk’s goal was nice too.

  4. Murali Murugasen says

    Keep On Winning Liverpool!!

  5. Koh Benny says

    The 2nd goal should be the goal of the match.

  6. Shukri Siri says

    Ox should be a regular in the starting lineup if Liv want to widen their lead in the EPL

  7. KaiserYT7 says

    Genk played better Football than Barcelona in the semi final 2nd leg against Liverpool

  8. duchovny04 says

    Wish oxlade n keita can play tis way in premier league consistenly.. definitely liverpool will dominate the premier league.. but i only can wish.. hope it can happen.

  9. Lunar says

    Genk 1st goal didnt count?? Wat happen

  10. Rs3 says

    101% of chemistry. They completely each other

  11. Hisyam Asri says

    Absolute Puskas Award

  12. Ricky Ho says

    Ew 1 dislike from Genk fans, 154 dislike from Overrated United.

  13. Cucu 10 says

    Referee kill genk players spirit

  14. Jaekay Media says

    Ox on crack😂😂😂

  15. Hang Tuah says

    Mantap liverpool

  16. poolfans says

    All 4 PL team got big wins in CL

  17. Amxr Legend says

    1:06 to early to celebrate hahahahahhahahahah

  18. Rivelino Carter Moinin says

    Klopp put Ox Keita Fabinho combo is a d best to unlock opponents that plays dull football such as MUnchies or its level.

  19. Mohd Naim 92 says

    What a hit, bruh 👌

  20. mohd azdie apin says


  21. Lucas Chang says

    why was the goal on the 25 minute disallowed tho… (no hate just wanna know)

  22. kamal zaki says

    Stupid lovren

  23. Haziq Halili Ezry Halili says

    i'm very happy because alisson is back

  24. Yusri Mokhtar says

    Dalam ni melayu smua. X payah la dok type English geli aku

  25. Wan Ehshan says

    Sbg fan MU.. season ni aku predict liverpool still akan hold ucl n pgg title epl.. Tp next season kalau kloop still xmasukkn player baru.. Agak ssh liverpool nk hold title.. Atleast bwk masuk [email protected] player baru.. Untuk cover player2 dari yg smakin berumur.. Tu je nk ckp.. Keep it up the kop n try harder MU✌️ #wearerivalnotenemy

  26. keyrol5695 says

    Salah to Madrid next summer

  27. Foxley says

    When you're good but you're also in a team with mane and salah

  28. Foxley says

    When you're good but you're also in a team with mane and salah

  29. Shazxmi says

    Whyytf genk’s goal disallowed?

  30. naming atang says

    genk's gk malfunction

  31. Edzwan Aschraf says

    Well Genks played the way MU played vs liverpool. And yah they got result same as MU position now.

  32. keeshan karunagaran says

    Keita and Ox adds a new attacking dimension for Liverpool, Henderson and Gini are good at pressing and winning back the balls, Ox and Keita are good and carrying the ball and making things happen

  33. Babah Channel says

    Ox strikes back!

  34. muhammad hafizuddin says

    ala genk je pun

  35. Amien Husin says


  36. Muhammad faris officiall says

    Alhamdulilau congress for liverpool liverpool 4-0 you never aalk alone

  37. RexblinkyJunior says

    i feel like keita was superb..he is everywhere last night

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