Have Chelsea Agreed A Deal For Jadon Sancho With Dortmund?



In today’s Chelsea News Video,

I talk about Chelsea’s apparent proposal deal for Jadon Sancho with Borussia Dortmund. How Frank Lampard is looking to seal the deal this January with the player arriving next Summer (much like the Christian Pulisic deal).

I also talk about other January Chelsea transfer deals.

The future is bright for CFC.

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  1. Yan Plays says

    Remember to Subscribe to this channel too for more of Yan, playing video games and talking general football news!

  2. Oddbjørn says

    You look like Bonicci, crazy👍🏼⚽️

  3. Unisa Bangura says

    We will be a perfect player for Chelsea

  4. Chewing Tooons says

    Reece destroyed Zaha. A 19 year old kid had a supposed seasoned 'top' player in his pocket all game. We really dont want Zaha OR BLOODY BOGA!! I wish he would report on us getting Bruno Fernandes or Gaya,Telles or Alex Sandro.

  5. azgardian32odinson says

    They need to go and get werner before Bayern's do… for tammy to reach his potential he also needs competition.. of the highest order….. and a left back.. Jason is good but for 120mil I think there are similar options for far less money.

  6. Graham Hayter says

    Sancho is a done deal

  7. Repent Sanga says

    For me hakimi zyech is the best idont know why they are not sign him and choose young sancho

  8. sev Brown says

    I hate when people say that Sancho 'took' pulisic's job … the man was injured and had openly told Dortmund he wanted to leave … that was the main reasons the guy was bunched. Also can we stop hyping up CHO as being our future left winger the guy has not shown anything as of late and the fact we keep calling him 'the future' Left wing is a joke as he needs to earn it

  9. S Dee says

    I've never known anyone to love Boga as much as this gentleman. Boga Boga Boga lol

  10. samuel adewale says

    I honestly think we don’t need Sancho we already have too many inexperienced and young players in the team we need an experienced finisher a prolific player!!

  11. Rommy Fitness says

    Genuine contender for no.10 with Mount should be Isco fam. Then get Ziyech as Sancho contender for the RW position.

  12. michael murillo says

    120 million is wayyy to much

  13. Stormzzz says

    Tbh I think the Isco deal will fall through
    He had a pretty convincing game against Barca as a Lw/Free Roaming Midfielder
    Zidane might keep him
    Sancho should stay in dortmund till summer or next january
    Zaha is just an older sancho so no need
    Chilwell wasnt convincing against Mahrez so i guess Alex Telles is a better choice now
    Ziyech could be a good choice, since he could play on the right and has a dangerous left foot, he could also challenge our midfielders
    Werner, tbh i dont get why we need him, so can anyone explain lol

  14. Mish Mash says

    For 120 mil we could get both mahrez and ziyech.

  15. Daniel Jorgensen says

    What happened to the “we have CHO, he is better than Sancho” mentality?

  16. Jonathan Tripi says

    If Sancho comes Pulisic should leave so you English folks can have your England team in Chelsea

  17. TheLivingRoomHero says

    Sancho is a must sign.
    1. He is English
    2. From London
    3. His favourite team of all time is Chelsea
    4. He personally knows several players on the team.
    5. Did I mention he is an amazing player and would be the perfect fit for our young Chelsea on the wing.

  18. Ethan Healy says

    i honestly think if we sign sancho he will flop

  19. Emma Lee says

    Grimaldo, telles, taglifico are the 3 left backs we should try to go for

  20. Kieran Morby says

    Chelsea’s formation last night against spurs was quality , I think 3 at the back with wing backs is best for us , I just don’t believe the wing backs we have are the best , I like azpi and Emerson BUT we need faster more skillful wing backs like hysaj and Sandro , I’d find it difficult to replace any of the team at the moment I’m happy with it so early on BUT you are right we need competition , we need another world class striker to rotate with Tammy … ciro immobile from lazio it then gives us the option of playing 2 up top 🤷🏽‍♂️ I’m confident and happy with how we’ve started under frank tho I’m a big fan of him from a kid as a player and now as a manager …. I hope we do not buy zaha his a flop waiting to happen and is he really better than what we already have , I think not

  21. Mario says

    Why don't they include pedro is a player plus money deal.


    Conor Gallagher is mounts backup next season

  23. K K says

    Jordan Ayew*

  24. Sudhaanshu Polavarapu says

    What do you think of Ruben Neves?

  25. Nah h says

    Pulisic assisted Sancho's first ever bundesliga goal at Dortmund…

    Wouldn't it be perfect if pulisic assisted Sancho's first ever premier league goal for. Chelsea💙

  26. matthew bukhete SA says

    This team is crying timo Werner as number 10

  27. Josh Griffiths says

    Lampard: we need a winger.

    Pedro: am I a joke to u?

  28. skatertreflipable says

    emerson needs a run of games to get back to his best – hes is the future.

  29. Hamza Salah says

    How will sancho pulisic Hudson mount and loftus play together if he comes lampard has to figure something out

  30. TxM says

    really love this channel <3 keep it up 😀

  31. Kingdom Freedom AMV says

    Was the Isco deal really a thing?

  32. ic says

    I don’t really subscribe to channels often, but I absolutely will for Football Therapy. By far the best Chelsea analysis on YouTube.

  33. nhlanhla71 says

    "in Janually"

    If Sancho genuinely follows Pulisic around replacing him i think I'd never be able to stay mad for long again in my life. Go get that US citizenship Sancho! Do it for the memes!

  34. David Isaac Trades says

    last time Football therapy said Hudson Odoi was Hazard replacement, now he isn't

  35. shoab hussain says

    We expect sancho,zaha or vinicius junior but Marina ssign chikwueze who is shit

  36. Lee Jervis says

    Well done on 30k fella well deserved!! Up the chels 💙💙💙

  37. Off Grid Living - NW says

    You deserve a hungover day off. You come good for us lots…

  38. Martin Yeboah says

    The best christmas gift for us is signing Sancho

  39. NEW TREND says

    I have never seen fans all over the place like this as a Chelsea fan, every week people change who they want at Chelsea some base it on a performance from 1 game..Sancho is perfect cos he has goals, we not winning any major trophy for the next 2 years with Abraham developing, unless we get a striker..a left back is also needed, they rest is just squad depth. Lampard still learning the game, we concede too many goals because of our midfield, no one is holding in front of the center backs when we have the ball.

  40. Zwei 25 says

    Congrats on 30k subs
    Current fav Chelsea channel 💙👍🏽

  41. Deep Stuff says

    Couple of things.
    1) zaha is a good player and I think he would probably earn his transfer fee but for me the problem is i can see a other better options for the same or only slightly more cash.
    2) Ive fell on a chilwell band wagon but I’ve realised now I still would prefer Telles or Sandro.
    3) in my opinion on the sancho transfer if it even is one🤔 is the best option all things considered would be for us too sign him asap and keep him with them till the end of the season.💙

  42. David Cooper says

    Definitely a good move, it's almost a straight swap for hazard. Real paid us over 120 mill and we buy a 19 year old prodigy for the same price. Great work..

  43. Deep Stuff says

    You deserve it dude💙

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