1. Fakta Merapu says

    7:45 young mbappe with klopp?

  2. Perter Johnson says

    Chelsea every final unlucky forever😓

  3. Hla Myint says

    Liverpool gggggggoooooooooaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllll

  4. Hla Myint says

    Liverpool gooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllll

  5. Hla Myint says

    Liverpool penalty best of in Istanbul

  6. MrCarpio says

    Conclusion: Adrián > Kepa

  7. Wong Ace says

    No sense of aggressiveness between both teams. I guess that's what happen when ENG vs ENG . ^^

  8. Yuli Yuli says


  9. Rhyz One says

    Where is Allison?

  10. Stormshadow Snakeeye says

    Liverpool Is The Emperor Of Europe.

  11. perindu sepi says

    chelshit sucks

  12. The Patty says

    3:48 kante vs van dijk

  13. tayIvr says

    Delimine lMaOo

  14. WHITE says

    boek ahh

  15. that guy says

    if Hazard was still playing they would’ve won i mean Liv’s defense was just 💩

  16. BroShinchan79 Nesh says

    Where was Allison Becker???

  17. The Sadistic Masochist says

    7:45 when Mbappe had enough losing in Europe for PSG so he transferred and played as benchwarmer for Liverpool in the Super Cup

  18. Milton Ng says

    Kepa sucks

  19. Irgan Amadio says

    Bgus chlsea d latih frank lampard

  20. elf 366 says

    The game was so f****ing intense

  21. bobby firmino malaysia says

    mati kutu fan munyet

  22. Ashraf Malakian says

    T Abraham need more improvement

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