1. kennedy werunga lumbasi says

    we need Sancho used as left back and William used as r back and kulibali used as creative in defence

  2. cassiya100 says

    Subbed. but please sort out your microphone.. It's a bit low in volume and hard to hear clearly.

  3. balogun tunde says

    I will be happy if he sigh for Chelsea . plus pulisic now Chelsea attacking will be monster

  4. Nah h says

    Pulisic assisted Sancho's first ever bundesliga goal wouldn't it be poetic if pulisic also assisted him for his first prem goal for Chelsea 💙

  5. BOSS UP says

    We don't need Sancho. It's reminiscent to buying another Hodson or pulisic stylistically. We need Samuel chukwueze. He brings something different. It's like buying a younger version of Adgen Roben.

  6. Priestly Chidi says

    sancho will be an excellent signing for Chelsea.

  7. Wayne Rose says

    Chelsea fc. please sign jadon sangho timo Werner

  8. My Ears Got Youth System says

    Sancho, Werner, Ziyech, Isco💥🔥 that would be outstanding!

  9. dodge Fontana says

    Let's get it done now if we can 🙏🏿

  10. Rommy Fitness says

    Ziyech should be next in case we nail that deal koz clearly we need a left foot RW. Then we get Isco for more creativity.

  11. Rommy Fitness says

    Thanks for the great fam, kindly speak up we hardly hear you on this videos. Speak up please.

  12. Aidan George says

    Subbed mate

  13. Henry Palmer says

    Folks will expect a lot for the money. If true the deal makes me nervous.

  14. Zakariye Feysal says

    Keep going bro

  15. Wizz Bravo says

    i wish u to reach 100k As soon As Possible ASAP

  16. Stefan Robert says

    Sancho is overhyped we need a strong player like mane

  17. Moses Adongo says

    Please humble I love that very very much

  18. Odane227 Patience233 says

    Work an your arido your arido is very low. Your content is very good but work and your video quality and put it in abit more vybs in your videos come on we going to push you to the top

  19. ndiukwu luke says

    I don’t need this guy chealse need left foot player just like in mancity because they are very dangerous and he look soft just like Christian pulisic

  20. Rabah Taha says

    Yes Yes Yes… He is the guy we want he said he still loves to play beside his man Pulisic💜👏

  21. Kennedy Simiyu says

    Chelsea need this guy

  22. oshan link says

    I would really love that

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