1. Zac Ramsey says

    Gendusi is so shit


    Melali 👍

  3. Ellis Lamb says

    so yeah why did we sell Jeff???

  4. kasirye mathias says

    I wonder what happened to mikt during the penalty shoot out

  5. Quentin Bromley says

    forget about mustafi, that pivot of metteo and granite scares me more than anything. They are both so defensively naive its unbearable, i mean the number of times we have people running through the middle and isolating our defenders is crazy. It could make any CB look bad tbh.

  6. zedftofficial says

    Haha Aubameyang and Lacazette should train their open goal scoring… Both made us lose points in the previous season for the easiest of goals…

  7. 幻十郎 says

    I'm impressed by El Melali…

  8. pilgrimpater says

    What was the foul count? That's all Arsenal did in the first half.


    The best player was Mustafi he denied many big chances I wish he plays like this in the prem his crosses are good

  10. chigbo anonaz says

    Why miking is still in that team sell he now and get something

  11. gary welgemoed says

    That Geundouzi is bloody useless dont know why Arsenal buy these shit players

  12. Aquatic Almighty says

    8:50 Is it a fight ? Anyone know what happen ?

  13. Alma De santa says


  14. Arya Karkera says

    Mustafi cost us so many crucial matches and top 4 with his silly mistakes and now he manages to stands out among a bunch of youngsters and new signings playing with each other for the first time against a weak team like Angers and everyone goes crazy.

  15. Tosin Ajayi says

    Congratulations to O J Angers on their 100 year anniversary.

  16. Bonface Mutui says

    where is mikhi ?he took a goalkick sell him..arsenals number one flop

  17. Bonface Mutui says

    mustafi is still shit

  18. Ash Millions says

    Why’s no one talking about Jeff” Reine-Adelaid and how well he played tonight another YOUNG GUNNER SOLD AND FORGOTTEN about he’s a future star ⭐️ slowly but surly

  19. MyGamingHeaven says

    Half of the players for angers would never manage in the prem because there not that physical and always going to ground too easily

  20. Astral says

    Ah, now most of the comments are praising Mustafi all of a sudden, when most of the times u guys makes him like he's the worst of all xd

  21. Billy Saccardo says

    Adelaide had a point to prove

  22. Pistol says

    Why's Mustafi having a good game now

  23. Steffan B says

    Am sad we sold Adelaide

  24. T&G Official says

    Guendouzi out

  25. Official Chinz says

    Sell Mkhi

  26. Virgo kenji Bacoott says

    Arsenal is the best

  27. genial king says

    Mikhitaryan he shit

  28. Zags 1st says

    What tackle Mustafi

  29. ImP1 says

    After that performance Mustafi needs 500k a week and 10 yr contract.

  30. banares hussain says

    A win is a win yes Arsenal were poor especially with the young players they looked lost but credit where it's due Mustafi was immense the tackles he put in world class take a bow son without him would have lost he bossed it

  31. Ahir Pushpanath says

    Terrible performance from arsenal

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