Are Arsenal about to announce Mikel Arteta as new head coach?
No manager for 6 games, but Arteta looks to have been chosen,
And we wait for official confirmation from the Arsenal hierachy.

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  1. Redrusler says

    Come for the news

    Stay for the politics

  2. Tisa Powell says

    I just sub am a big fan at aftv let c if u will let me b big fan of u

  3. James La Rios says

    All they have done is replace one Spanish Count Dracula for another

  4. Woz Lee says

    I have absolutely zero problems with people of power and influence using that power and influence to help make other peoples lives better.

    I hate religion, but I also understand that freedom of religion is important because freedom of religion also includes freedom from religion, and I like freedom and want people to be free. Anything that promotes or leads to that end can to my mind only be a good thing. I'm actually quite politically aware and had never even heard of any of this stuff before Mesut Ozil mentioned it, so I appreciate it and wish more people would speak out.

    I don't like the way we as football fans are almost being conditioned to look the other way with human rights abuses and oppression because it's attached to a lot of the money our clubs crave to compete in the modern game.

    I shouldn't need to feel like a fucking traitor to my own principles and values for having the temerity to enjoy the game. We don't need the blood money in the game, the game is and always will be the game. What we need is some accountability and restraints on the multi-billion pound corporate interests carving out the soul of the game and selling it off to pacify us from criticising this shit, because we're hoping that we get our own billionaire bank rolling us with the fruits of their own perpetuation of persecution and suffering around the globe.

    Full support to Hector and Ozil, and I hope many more follow in their footsteps.

  5. M Turkistani says

    Hugh, I'm originally from Turkistan mate and everything Ozil said was true. I would also add that our lands are now being used as places to test nuclear weapons, our men are forced into the chinese army and our women made to marry chinese men in order to kill off the entire race. The fact that China are banning Ozil from a video game after his comments tells you all you need to know about how ''fake'' this news really is…

  6. Jerome Bagshott says

    Hugh you seem very chill on this video. How big was that zoot you smoked before you turned the camera on haha nah messing, enjoyed this one immensely. Keep it up

  7. Luke Ashton Ford says

    I think ozil is right to speak up and bellerin has gone to the top in my estimations! Ye fuck Boris!

  8. Gordon Desmond says

    You know that pep is going to help arteta so you'll be sweet . If Arsenal start challenging for the title next season then pep will stop helping.

  9. Gordon Desmond says

    If you breath oxygen

  10. Heartlocked says

    Did the elite who's destroying europe pay this poor excuse of a bench-back to influence people? Maybe. But even if not , FUCK BELLERIN, a guy With so Little abilities that earns so much shouldnt dare Say that stuff to people Who struggle everyday and arent stupid and know what the fuck Is happening. And im not even British but those that apparently are little things (not) make me wanna puke.

  11. ArseneWenger says

    Fuck yaya toure and all

  12. GamingWithHB /Galaxy Life says

    Wtf is wrong with this world. People are literally getting killed and all you idiots in the yt section have no empathy or remorse but just hate. Aren’t we all human being’s, what is this attitude of ‘them’ and ‘us’ . It’s just toxic and disgraceful. Is this what your ancestors wanted after ww1 & ww2? To hate and punish others for their beliefs, skin or sexual orientation? Isn’t that the same thinking of Hitler and his nazi colleagues? Think, would you want someone to come up to you and say “hey! You look weird – your different. Where’s your family they deserve to be “re-educated”.”

  13. ArseneWenger says

    Fuck AFtv buncha cunts

  14. Cozzy says

    people acting like pep was shit before arteta…if anything he was better.

  15. iDeal says

    It's human rights issue not just another political issue

  16. Ot Beats says

    An Araab instrumental for your intro 🔥🔥🔥

  17. Alex Herd says

    The best intro man love it !!!

  18. Craig Abc says

    Hughwizzy you know your a propper crank right.🤣😂.love that about ya..god bless

  19. humzah gafar says

    Respect to ozil tbh. Arsenal's statement was disappointing. Money over lives for them.

  20. MT1120 says

    13:54 that's such a load of shit. I should potentially risk my life, otherwise I'm a coward and as bad as them? I'd never mug an old lady, the person who does it clearly would. Big difference there already.

  21. Thomas Jones says

    I Love Mikel Arteta But I Absolutely Hate Arsenal, So I Do Want Him 2 Succeed At Arsenal, Sorry Mikel,

  22. Zak Alrubae says

    You won’t hear AFTV condemning the comment of Aubameyangs idiotic brother.

  23. Zak Alrubae says

    PLEASE Aubameyang FUCK OFF !! To Madrid PLEASSSEEE

  24. Miq Sirajuddin says

    Ya Ya plays in China; therefore pandering to his employers. Enough said. Kudos to Ozil.

  25. Zak Alrubae says

    I said this a while ago Aubameyang will cause chaos in the dressing room as he did at Borussia Dortmund. Yet we go ahead and name him captain 😂

  26. Steve Wismark says

    The day Arsenal truly becane a small club with no ambitions.

  27. ColoRob says

    Ozil’s message would be more effective if he was winning.

  28. Daddy Dom says

    These Arsenal players should concentrate more on their football. Cause neither of them are covering themselves in glory when it comes to their careers and what they get paid to do.

  29. Mr. A says

    That fraudelent tweet about how City were struggling to kill off the match against us, they were dominating us first game of the season looool

  30. Immobile says

    Van Persie, Sanchez, now Aubameyang and maybe Lacazette. Top players who have lost faith in the direction of this club, i don’t blame them.

  31. Kasհ says

    I don't like Ozil in the team but he was saying the truth. The treatment of Uighurs is appaling. Genocide level.

  32. J-b Mash says

    Respect to Ozil for highlighting the treatment of these people. He should be allowed to express his opinion and if these places are re-education centers like the Chinese claim why not allow some cameras in to show what goes on in there.

  33. R-CFR says

    HughWizzy ma guuuuy!!

  34. rzl says

    Thumb us you are on point regarding Ozil and the humanitarian violation issue in China
    Thank you for pointing out that Pep does rely on Arteta for his on-field strategy and tactics.

  35. Udaco says

    What are the differences between speaking about racism and discrimination against Muslims in certain countries? Both issues are about human rights. And every person has the right to speak openly about it. It doesn't matter whether you are footballers, architects, engineers, singers, actors, politicians, scholars, etc… It doesn't mean when you play football, you cannot do other jobs.

  36. TheAnalyst KR says

    Appreciate you speaking on the genocide of chinese muslims Hugh. Thank you

  37. Benjamin Barker says

    arteta mad taking the arsenal job the team is rotten too the core

  38. dm says

    he doesnt speak out when muslims hurt christians..he should be a sportsman, or politician

  39. Robert Karlsson says

    NO money avaible in january… What a shocker 🙄🙄

  40. X G says

    Congrats from a Spurs fan, it's Xmas in Nth London, what a generous gift rotflmao…

  41. X G says

    He's good with cones…

  42. reactor Sincere says

    Ozil had the guts to say what he had to while Yaya who plays in Chinese team is scared that he might be caught supporting someone who is speaking about facts.

  43. Nahedh Siraj says

    You are a true human and a genius
    I love you man.
    Though I left all religions long time ago but humanity doesn't differentiate between colour, race or religion.
    Thank you for your honesty.
    Peace. 🤙

  44. Dzarief Zuhdi says

    from an ordinary muslim POV as myself, what ozil done is considered to be heroic.. he have the status and influence to do so.. his words have power and immediately noticeable by the world.. which is exactly what he wanted… your points relating bellarin's tweet to ozil's tweet is so damn correct… keep it up..

  45. Ekene Ogbodo says

    Hughwizzy let them go

  46. dritan tahiraj says

    I rate Ozil for what he’s said and for standing up for people it’s bullshit how they hate him but allow bellerin to influence people to vote for bellerins gains

  47. Paul Ogilvie says


  48. Paul Ogilvie says


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