*AFTER PATCH* SOLO Benny Merge Glitch (RC to Car) | GTA 5 Online Modded Cars Xbox one & PS4


AFTER PATCH WORKAROUND 100% Solo! Benny Merge Glitch (RC to Car) NO INVALID JOBS NEEDED. Create modded cars in GTA 5 Online Easily on Xbox one & PS4.

Founder: Broontango


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    It worked with 3 cars but after it did not work

  4. Stoner Nugget says

    Does anyone know if this still works?

  5. WobblierMonkey says

    Can I do this with something other than a Gerald job

  6. Dismember83 says

    26.12. / 13:50CET (after events week update) – still working

  7. mr incredible says

    Put the F1 tires on that bad boy

  8. Chris ireland says

    Still working ps4

  9. Redd Boii says

    Not working

  10. TKN Chilly says

    Just did it then and you don’t even need to spawn at the bunker?

  11. Osama Been Lagging says


  12. Ava Lovah says



    Still working?

  14. TK ZAY says

    Can someone tell me how he got that color on his rc car please

  15. SHADOWSHOCK 100 says

    You are a legen

  16. Master Trixx says

    Nice 👍🏻

  17. rcmad18 rcmad18 says

    This is now patched

  18. Royce Kalent says

    The invalid job method doesn't work!
    Your will be respawned under the map

  19. Craz_35 says

    There is a work around for the car to RC merge bro

  20. JUICE MANE says


  21. CoolSimasGuy says

    Damn, Rockstar is on their A game with their patches ever since the Casino Heist update

  22. fronsrff says

    Bro they patched dis one. We need the invalid job. But it think they patched that one to

  23. Tyfus ventje , says

    U DON'T HAVE TO SPAWN AT BUNKER!! just merged perfectly without spawning there I spawned at my casino penthouse.

  24. Gregtman502 says

    It works thanks broon you.it the best glitch youtuber ever

  25. Gregtman502 says

    Just let us have benny's wheels rockstar what's the big problem smh

  26. Jacob Pawelczak says

    I can't get a job from Gerald. Will it work with a job from someone else?

  27. JOE GOTTI says

    Tallest the workaround don’t just tease us that’s why I hate looking at your videos

  28. Fast-N-Furious4L says

    Still working!!

  29. PRO MaGiiKzZ Xx says

    Still working?

  30. Sam * says

    anyone know how to merge to the festival bus / dune ?

  31. Poorly cropped says

    Still works. Nice

  32. Caleb Corivo says


  33. mKx VPR says

    What the fuck where’s my fully upgraded bennys gone I’m stuck with a Nero with no upgrades after that

  34. friendly soul 93 says

    Thank you easy

  35. RetroGamer89😎 says

    I can confirm this still works on PS4 as I've hit it first try easy 😂😂😂😂😂

  36. RetroGamer89😎 says

    A good tip for PS4 players is when you let go of the pause button wait half a second then tap x to start job and voila

  37. Eddie RunzLA says

    Any body on ps4

  38. Lololol Lololol says

    It doesnt work with invalid job on second account
    Ill try again on main
    And post results

  39. Chris Torina says

    Just did it at 9:30am and this still works after drip feed update🤙🏼

  40. Arponzz says

    Still works just hit it

  41. Joel Poop says

    I tried like 10 times last night. Did this glitch get patched

  42. Neqznn says

    What’s the crew colors

  43. GLAD COMMANDER420 says

    How do you save the vehicle?

  44. Garbage Aim says

    You're a GOD

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